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How to Clean and Maintain Your Reusable Cups for Longevity

Keeping your Circular&Co. reusable coffee cup clean will not only ensure a great-tasting drink every time, but also help keep your cup in top condition for  even longer. 

While rinsing out and cleaning the base of your cup will help keep your cup clean and free of bacteria, we suggest carrying out a thorough clean of the lid and seals to ensure your cup stays leakproof, is safe to use and lets you enjoy the full-bodied aromas that come with our 360 degree drinking technology. 

In this blog we’ll cover how to take care of your Circular&Co. reusable cup with cleaning tips, mistakes to avoid and how to safely store and transport your cups practices.


The Importance of Proper Care

A huge part of circular design is ensuring that a product is built to last, reducing the need to regularly buy and manufacture replacements, and the environmental toll that comes with this. Our products are all designed with durability as a key feature, and taking proper care of your Circular&Co. cup will ensure you can enjoy the full 10 years of use from it. 

By extending the lifespan of your reusable cup, you’re also helping to contribute to the circular economy, and reducing the overall environmental impact associated with the production of new items.

Proper care involves more than just occasional rinsing; it’s a commitment to preserving the integrity of the product. A well-maintained reusable cup not only looks better but also functions more effectively over time.


How to clean your Circular&Co. cup lid: 

Before the initial use, and after each subsequent use, clean the lid thoroughly with hot soapy water. Regular cleaning is important for hygiene, and a fresh tasting brew every time.

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How to clean your Circular cup YouTube video


Step 1: Remove the lid

Unscrew the lid from the base

Step 2: Ensure the lid is closed & unlocked

Check that your lid is in the closed (up) position when you push in the grey disc at the top of your lid. If your cup has a Trust-LockTM lockable lid, check that the lid is twisted to the ‘unlocked’ position. 

Step 3: Remove the grey disc

Place the base of a spoon or other blunt, flat-edged object in the gap between the grey disc on top of the lid and the rest of the lid and  apply pressure to pop off the disc, don’t be timid – it is designed to pop off

Step 4: Clean inside the lid

Now that the disc has been removed, you have much better access to the hard-to-reach areas of your lid. Clean the inside of the lid thoroughly with warm, soapy water.

Step 5: Check your seals

With the lid removed you can also check to make sure that all of the rubber seals are in good condition. Look out for any cracks or tears in the rubber, and if necessary replace them with a fresh set.

By keeping your seals clean and replacing them when necessary, you can make sure your Circular&Co. reusable cup stays 100% leakproof.

For more help removing and replacing seals, see our guide.

Step 6: Reassemble your lid

As with step 2: ensure your lid is set to the ‘closed’ position before reassembly. Position the grey disc in-place over the lid, ensuring that it is aligned to the ‘unlocked’ position if using a Trust-LockTM lid.  


Cleaning and Care Tips 

How often to clean your Circular&Co. reusables

Just like any other drinks container, your reusable cup requires regular cleaning. Rinse it thoroughly after each use to prevent the buildup of residue or odours. For a more thorough cleaning, use warm water and mild soap.

Utilise Cleaning Accessories:

Quality cleaning accessories such as brushes that can reach every nook and cranny of your reusable cup will ensure a thorough clean every time. 

Avoid Harsh Chemicals:

While keeping your cup clean is essential, avoid using harsh chemicals or abrasives. Opt for eco-friendly, mild detergents to maintain the functionality, durability and environmental friendliness of your reusable cup.

Dishwasher Safe:

Circular&Co. reusable coffee cups and travel mugs are designed to be safe to wash on your dishwasher’s top shelf, guaranteeing a consistent and thorough wash. 

Keep in mind that your Circular water bottle cannot be cleaned in the dishwasher and should always be washed by hand! 


Common Mistakes to Avoid

Leaving Them Out in Bad Conditions:

Exposure to extreme weather conditions, whether scorching sunlight or freezing temperatures, can degrade the materials of your reusable cup. Always store it in a temperate environment when not in use.

Scratching in Bags:

Our cups and travel mugs are specially-designed to be 100% leakproof and toss-in-a-bag-able without you having to worry about spilling liquid. You can return the favour to your cup by making sure that it isn’t tossed in with keys or sharp objects, as this can damage the exterior of your cup. Nonetheless, we craft our reusable to withstand some wear and tear, and we believe that the resulting marks showcase your commitment to reusing and sustainability, becoming a badge of honour!

Neglecting Regular Cleaning:

The convenience of a reusable cup might lead to neglecting proper cleaning. Ignoring this crucial step can result in the accumulation of bacteria and odours, compromising the hygiene of your cup, its durability and (possibly most noticeably) the taste of your drink.


Why it’s important to look after your reusable cups

In a world increasingly aware of environmental issues, the shift towards sustainable living has prompted many to embrace reusable products as an eco-friendly alternative. From water bottles to shopping bags, one of the most notable contributors to this movement is the reusable cup. However, the true sustainability of these products lies not just in their initial use but in their longevity. 

Circular&Co. Cups: Safe and Sustainable

Circular&Co. cups exemplify a commitment to both convenience and sustainability. By including them as a part of your every day routine, you not only reduce single-use plastic waste but also enjoy the ease of efficient cleaning.

Maximise the lifespan of your reusable products with proper care. By adopting sustainable habits and caring for your reusable cup, you contribute to a greener future. Make a difference – one cup at a time.

In conclusion, the importance of proper care for reusable products cannot be overstated. Your commitment to maintaining these items goes beyond personal convenience; it directly impacts the environment. 

By following our care and cleaning tips, avoiding common mistakes, you’re doing your bit towards helping the circular economy, helping reduce the impact of environmental waste and in return getting a faithful travel companion that will serve you faithfully for the next 10 years. 

See the full range of reusable coffee cups and travel mugs from Circular&Co. to find the perfect cup for you. 

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