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What is a Returnable?

Single-use coffee cups are soon to be driven out of use, whether through legislation, climate or consumer pressures. This means very soon 95% of the population who are still using single use will need a workable cost-effective, hassle-free solution.

People in the UK get through at least 2.5 billion disposable cups each year. Switching to a returnable cup eliminates billions of cups from landfill.

A returnable is an item of food or drink packaging that is designed to be returned to a business for multiple re-use, eliminating the need for single-use packaging.

What is a Returnable Cup System?

The Circular Returnable Cup is designed to replace outdated single-use coffee cups. Just like the milk bottles of old, a returnable cup means single-use paper cups are replaced by a much more sustainable option. Your local café will serve your take away beverage in a reusable cup which can be returned and commercially washed, ready for another serving.

At Circular&Co. we firmly believe in taking practical steps to make a real impact with Circular Design as the driving force. We believe in a circular world, where the products we use every day are designed to never reach landfill or pollute the environment. By creating tomorrow’s products from today’s waste, ensuring they last for as long as possible and are fully recyclable we can solve the three key environmental issues of our time; overconsumption, carbon emissions, and pollution.

Why does the world need a Returnable Cup System?

94% of consumers are still not actively engaging with reusables, the direct ownership model has had limited success. Returnable is more ‘to hand’, convenient and in touch with consumer needs. If you don’t bring a cup, we have a reusable one for you. 

Yes, there are unmissable market trends, consumer shifts and environmental time pressures driving the transition from single use to reusables but the key driver is legislation.Across the globe governments have already or about to impose legislation seeking to ban or tax single use items including paper cups. Soon it will against the law or simply uneconomical to offer beverages in a single use solution.

Returnable Cup System

At Circular&Co. we’re supporting local communities, groups and businesses to make circularity accessible for everyone. We can help organisations create impactful ‘Returnable Cup Schemes’ where customers can loan a reusable cup for a small deposit, usually complete with their favourite beverage at a discounted rate. Once used, their cup can be returned and refunded or kept in exchange for the original deposit.

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