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SMART Cup Technology

By giving our reusables a unique digital identity, your organisation can make the ‘Internet of Things’ a reality for all, unlocking possibilities across retail and supply-chain management, driving value and growth. Low cost, contactless communication technologies connecting the cup to consumers with the tap of a mobile. Each chip/tag can be pre-programmed to your needs.

You can also of course, operate DRS or returnable cups schemes with no tracking at all.
*Tag specifications and technical data sheets can be provided on request.

Tracking & Tagging options available with our Returnable Cup:

QR Code

Unique codes laser-etched for maximum durability, supporting app integration and tracking.


Capabilities to encapsulated RFID tags within the base of the cup. RFID technology enables the communication between an un-powered tag and a powered reader.

NFC Chip

Capabilities to encapsulated NFC chip within the base of the cup, allowing easy scanning.

SMART Cup Benefits

Driving Consumer Engagement

Easily manage customer deposits and returns and reward the right consumer behaviour.

Supply Chain Efficiencies

Supports collection and cleaning infrastructure, enabling the use of SMART Bins and Return Points.

Traceability & Cost Savings

Visibility of product lifecycle to analyse return & recycling rates and to prevent ‘leakage’ from the system.

SMART Cup Logistics

Using Apps to engage, incentivise and measure impact

The use of an app can connect the user with the cup through serialization. The cup is activated through a unique QR, RFID code, which allows the cup to be tracked, traced and impact measured.

SMART Return Points

RFID enabled return points allow for secure and fast return (drop and go) and GPS location means points are easily found.

Refund, Reward or Donate

This allows for a Deposit Return Scheme based on loyalty points, rewards or donations to a local charity – or a blend of these. Users can see how many items they have returned and how many items the community has returned – and the impact made.

Changing Behaviour

Rich data and insights are gathered so you will know who has recycled what / where / when and the apps can nudge good return behaviours.

Reusable Cup Scheme

Find out more about how our Returnable Circular Cup solution can integrate into your business.