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  • pioneering circular design
  • Recyclable, Reusable Coffee Cup
  • Recyclable, Reusable Coffee Cup
  • Recyclable, Reusable Coffee Cup

Sustainable Drinkware

Made from Waste to End Waste

Circular Design, the key to a sustainable future.

  • The key to a sustainable future

By using waste materials to make our coffee cups and water bottles which are then fully recyclable, we can reuse the same materials over and over, closing the circle. This drastically reduces CO2 emissions, stops consumption of the planet’s precious resources, and eliminates pollution; the three core environmental challenges humanity faces.

By joining us on this mission for Circularity, together we can take real steps towards a sustainable future.

Cups made from cups and bottles made from bottles

Circular design is at the heart of everything we do, that’s why all of our coffee cups are made from recycled, single-use coffee cups and our water bottles are made from recycled plastic bottles. 

You can keep the circle going by sending us your Circular&Co. coffee cups and water bottles when they reach the end of their lifespan, and get a 40% discount off its replacement as part of our Takeback Scheme

Great for individuals and businesses alike

We know as individuals how important it is that we all play our part to recycle and reuse wherever possible, and with our reusable coffee cups and water bottles it takes no effort at all to make a positive change. 

But it’s not solely our responsibility, with businesses also able to make a massive difference to everyday sustainability. That’s why we introduced the Circular Returnable Cup – a high-quality, 100% recycled reusable coffee cup that lets businesses do away with single-use products. 

Not only is the cup itself a feat of engineering, but it is also customisable with your company’s branding. It’s exactly that kind of innovation and commitment to sustainability that has meant Circular&Co. has had partnerships with some of the biggest cafés and restaurants in the UK to help them embrace the circular lifestyle. 

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