The power of circular design

5.4 Million

Since 2018 5.4 million used cups have been given a new longer life as Circular cups. Circular Products reduce future waste.

187 Million

187 Million single-use cups could have been saved from contaminating our environment. This is the power of a circular economy.

17 Billion

During the life of one Circular Cup, 17 billion single-use cups will have been saved from use. Circular Design means waste isn’t unnecessarily produced.

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Why Circular?

The world needs change, and people, communities and companies must create it. Circular&Co. was formerly known as ashortwalk Limited – creators of rCUP – the world’s first reusable coffee cups made from recycled coffee cups. Since 2003 we have been quietly creating circular products because we know it’s a sustainable solution to righting our global wrongs. As Circular&Co. we will continue our mission to give waste worth with a much louder voice and industry presence, the same great products led by a more determined brand.

Why &Co?

We are a community of circular design experts with a passion for solving challenges and for real change to happen, this requires collaboration. The circular economy has ushered in a new way of thinking and it needs us all to be involved.

The future requires solutions. The Future is Circular.

Circular Economy Pillars

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    Circular Economy in practice
    Products Made from waste
    Circular Economy Products
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    Circular Economy Products
    Circular Economy Products


    For global change, you need a global reach.


      Who are Circular&Co?

      We’re a team of industry experts with a passion for solving challenges. Over 17 years we’ve built up a reputation for taking on unwanted waste and turning it into revolutionary, long-lasting products. We pride ourselves on innovative thinking and seeing the potential others don’t. Our award-winning Circular Cup (formerly rCUP) – is the world’s first reusable coffee cup made from recycled coffee cups. Just one example of our dedication to the environment and creating sustainable, functional products.

      Proud pioneers of Circular Design, we firmly believe that the future requires solutions. The Future is Circular.

      Trusted since 2003
      Award Winning



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