The World’s First
Reusable Coffee Cups
Made from Cups

Easy open and close Reusable Coffee Cup
Easy Open & Close Lid
100 percent leakproof Reusable Cup
100% Leakproof
360 Drinking Reusable Coffee Cup
360 Drinking
Reusable Coffee Cup Designed for 10 years use
10 Year Lifespan
12oz capacity Reusable Coffee Cups
12oz & 8oz Capacity

We named the Circular&Co reusable coffee cup our best buy before, and we’re doing it again.
Even after testing many different mugs, it’s still our favourite in all the factors we consider important.”

Indy Best Buy 2022

Sustainable coffee cups can have a real impact. Through Circular Design a sustainable future is possible.

“I think the real “great” thing about this cup is the experience it provides”

Kirsty Thompson

Award winning reusables

The best reusable is the one that you can use with confidence every day. It will be easy to use, last a long time and soon become something you can’t do without. Introducing Circular Cup, the world’s first reusable coffee cup made from single-use paper cups.

In true Circular style, after 10 years use your cup can be returned to us to be recycled and regenerated into another Circular Cup, and the cycle continues.

Reusable Coffee Cups Saying Cheers

Ethical & Sustainable Reusable Cups Helping You & The Planet.

The future is circular. We’re on a mission, to create design solutions that help the planet – and your pocket. Every purchase of a Circular&Co reusable cup funds a sustainable solution to global waste and, with a cup that will last you up to 10-years, our products are the friendliest choice for the environment. Plus, with a reusable coffee cup you can take advantage of barista ‘bring your own cup’ schemes – enjoying your signature warm drink at a discounted price.

Award-Winning Design

As eco-conscious designers, our team are constantly innovating the green industry. Our Circular Cups are the world’s first reusable cup made from single-use paper cups, it’s also leakproof. Our Reusable Travel Mugs has been recognised for its solution to sustainability including features in the Telegraph, Mashable, Glamour Magazine and more.

Warm Your Hands (And Heart) With An Insulated Cup

We’re committed to delivering the ultimate barista experience in one compact, reusable cup. Our insulated Circular&Co cups will keep your drink warm for up to 90 minutes, meaning you can keep the rich aromas and flavours in your cup for when you need them the most.

Reusable Coffee Cups FAQs

What are the benefits of reusable coffee cups?

With a huge percentage of carbon emissions attributed to household waste, there has never been a better time to switch to reusables. Circular Cups are leakproof and feature our unique one-handed push click lid and 360-degree drinking. For busy commutes and weekend wonders, they’re perfect for enjoying coffee on the go.

What is my Reusable Coffee Cup made from?

With your help, our waste partners collect millions of used coffee cups nationwide, which are then cleaned, shredded and blended with a recycled polymer.

What Percentage of recycled material is in my Reusable Cup?

Certain parts of any reusable cup must be Food Safe, so 60% of Circular Cups are currently made from virgin plastic. That is 40% better than most, but we will keep improving this. We’re inventing a new food-grade recycled plastic with our partners, and we hope to release the world’s first 100% recycled cup in late 2022.

How long will my Reusable Travel Mug last?

Our long-lasting Reusable Coffee Cups are designed for 10 years’ use.

What can I do with my reusable cup once I replace it?

After 10 years’ use, Circular Cups are 100% recyclable, either through kerbside recycling (check locally) or our industry-leading takeback promise.

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