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Reusable Coffee Cups.

The best reusable is the one that you can use with confidence every day. It will be easy to use, last a long time and soon become something you can’t do without. Introducing Circular Cup, the world’s first reusable coffee cup made from single-use paper cups.

Our multi-award-winning sustainable travel mug is 100% leakproof, the simple push lid mechanism eliminates spills and offers one-hand opening, providing total peace of mind whilst you’re on the go. Circular Cup is insulated to protect your hands and keep your drink warm for over 90 minutes, enough for any commute, walk, run, cycle or kids football game on a cold Sunday morning!

In true Circular style, after 10 years use your cup can be returned to us to be recycled and regenerated into another Circular Cup, and the cycle continues.


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Ethical & Sustainable Reusable Coffee Cups Helping You & The Planet

The future is circular. We’re on a mission, to create design solutions that help the planet – and your pocket. Every purchase of a Circular&Co reusable cup funds a sustainable solution to global waste and, with a cup that will last you up to 10-years, our products are the friendliest choice for the environment. Plus, with a reusable cup you can take advantage of barista ‘bring your own cup’ schemes – enjoying your signature warm drink at a discounted price.

Award-Winning Reusable Cup Design

As eco-conscious designers, our team are constantly innovating the green industry. Our reusable coffee cups are the world’s first, 100% leakproof reusable coffee cup, the outer layer is made from single-use paper cups. Our Circular Cup has been recognised for its solution to sustainability including features in the Telegraph, Mashable, Glamour Magazine and more.

Warm Your Hands (And Heart) With An Insulated Cup

We’re committed to delivering the ultimate barista experience in one compact, reusable cup. Our insulated Circular&Co cups will keep your drink warm for up to 90 minutes, meaning you can keep the rich aromas and flavours in your cup for when you need them the most. 

Join The Eco Friendly Family

The sustainable movement is open to all! We all have our role to play in helping the environment. Our loyal community enable us to grow, and with our family bundle, you can now get the children involved too! Get a reusable for the whole family, with a huge 15% discount. Shop the bundle now.


Seek Out Adventure With Our Travel Coffee Cups

We believe that life is about seizing the day, and creating value in even the smallest moments. That’s why our coffee cups are leakproof and insulated, encouraging you to get out and explore the world. Enjoy a brisk morning walk, a weekend run or find a new way to travel your daily commute – all with your favourite beverage at your side.

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