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Our mission:
Circular Design

We’re Circular&Co. and we are striving for global change, by making Circular Design the new standard. Together we can build a waste-free, endless world.

By using waste materials to make new products which are then fully recyclable, we can reuse the same materials over and over, closing the circle. This drastically reduces CO2 emissions, stops consumption of the planet’s precious resources, and eliminates pollution; the three core environmental challenges humanity faces.

By joining us on this mission for Circularity, together we can take real steps towards a sustainable future.

To stop waste from harming our oceans and polluting the planet, we’re giving single-use a second chance. We extend the life of waste materials by using them to create our products, which we design to last as long as possible. At the end of their lives, our products are recyclable so that the cycle can continue

Circular Design, the key to a sustainable future.

What can you do?

The Circular Checklist.

Choose Recycled. Challenge Longevity. Check Recyclable.

We all have a choice despite what is in front of us. If it isn’t matching up to your circular checklist then scroll on to the next page, there is always a next page. You have that power!

Be The Change.

A company’s true legacy is the journey of its products.

Since 2003 we have been working with our network of industry experts to develop real circular solutions. With growing environmental concerns, its time to share our experience with the world.

Inspired By Solutions.

Nothing has a single purpose, and everything has value.

As designers, we can play a pivotal role. What we make can have a positive or negative impact. Everyone knows the issues. Our urgent emphasis has to be on solutions.

Our Vision.

The Future is Circular. 

We promote a circular standard of living, one which encourages customers to consider the journey of their products, from what they were before, to how long they’ll last, and what they’ll become next.

Circular Design Can Change The World.

A new era of product design has begun.
An exciting and necessary age of circular design, in which waste is an opportunity and materials are infinitely valuable. 

There is no silver bullet solution to the current environmental crisis – but we’re taking positive action and we know it’s a journey. For organisations, businesses and individuals, it’s a global movement to breakdown our throwaway culture; nothing has a single purpose and everything has a value. We believe consumers can start to play an important role right now by following a few simple rules next time they shop. We think of it as a circular buying checklist: Choose Recycled, Challenge Longevity, Check Recyclable.

We firmly believe that our future must be circular.

Dan Dicker – Founder & MD

It is a long term solution.

Reusable Coffee Cups

Reusable Water Bottles