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How to Clean and Maintain Your Reusable Cups for Longevity

11th January 2024
Keeping your Circular&Co. reusable coffee cup clean will not only ensure a great-tasting drink every time, but also help keep your cup in top condition for  even longer.  While rinsing out and…
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What is Circular Design?

26th October 2023
Circular Design, the key to a sustainable future.What is Circular Design? Circular Design has the power to save the world, but what is it and why …
woman holding returnable cup

Yallah Coffee: A Returnable Case Study

20th October 2023
Yallah Coffee Roasters A Circular Returnable Cup Case StudyWhat are the nuts and bolts of your Returnable Cup system, how does it work? For a £1 deposit, customers can borrow a Circular Retur…

Interested in a more Circular lifestyle?

15th September 2023
Circular Living Golden Rules: Reduce buying new things, there is joy in 2nd hand! Repair and reuse products whenever you can. When things real…

A 20 year Timeline

25th August 2023
20 Years of CircularTracking our journey from garden shed to Circular&Co. in 2023!2003: Where it all began, Dan founded the business in the garden shed. Fresh from the design studios o…

Brother Earth

9th June 2023
Brother Earth “Doing what the industry should’ve done a while ago. Making plastic-free bathrooms possible.” We’d love to hear the Brother Earth origin story, could you share th…

A Glossary of Returnable Terms

31st March 2023
A Glossary of Terms: Returnables We believe that the future is returnable. We have a unique opportunity to replace the broken system of single-use with something profoundly different, and criticall…

Strategies for more sustainable and circular plastics

1st March 2023
Strategies for more sustainable and circular plastics. The importance of plastics within modern society should not be diminished, however, the potential for increasingly detrimental impacts on the …

Introducing the Circular Returnable Cup, driving the returnable packaging revolution.

8th February 2023
Introducing the Circular Returnable Cup Driving the Returnable Packaging Revolution. Pioneers of circular design for 20 years, Circular&Co. now launch the solution to the single-use problem…

Biobased, Biodegradable, and Compostable plastics

1st February 2023
Learn more about biobased materials. ‘Biobased,’ ‘biodegradable’ and ‘compostable’ all sound like the perfect solution to our ever extractive, resource depleting consumption. They evoke images of n…