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Sustainable Water Bottles

No product is truly sustainable unless it’s made from recycled materials, designed to last and fully recyclable. Made from 14 single-use bottles, the pioneering eco friendly Bottle has a 10-year lifespan and is specifically designed to be easily recycled back into the next new product. Backed by our industry-leading takeback promise, sustainable water bottles represent the next generation of products that eliminate waste and pollution by capturing and reusing what we already have.

Specifically designed for life on the go, these reusable water Bottles are lightweight, leakproof and features our signature one-handed push-click lid with 360-degree drinking. Through simple choices, we can make a big impact.

100 percent leakproof reusable water bottle
100% Leakproof
Drink 360 degrees around cup
Drink from any angle
100% Recyclable Water Bottle
100% Recyclable
Circular Reusable Water Bottle 21oz
Circular Reusable Water Bottle Camping
Man holding a reusable water bottles
Circular Reusable Water Bottle Lightweight

Because I’m made from 14 single-use plastic bottles I’m not suitable for HOT drinks.

Woman drinking a reusable water bottle
Reusable Water Bottle next to Dog
Woman laughing holding a reusable water bottle
Woman looking into the woods putting a reusable water bottle back into her bag

Designed by an award winning team

  • This eco friendly bottle is made from 92% single-use bottles. 
  • Our reusable water bottle has a 10-year lifespan.
  • 100% recyclable through kerbside collection or our product takeback scheme. 
  • Lightweight & fully leakproof, designed for life on the go. 
  • Our sustainable water bottle features our signature one-handed push-click lid with 360° drinking.
  • Durable & robust. 
  • The lid is top-shelf dishwasher safe. 
  • The base is handwash only.

Reusable Water Bottles can have a real impact. Through Circular Design a sustainable future is possible.

Sustainable Water Bottles FAQ

What are the benefits of Sustainable Water Bottles?

Circular Bottles represent the next generation of products; they’re lightweight, leakproof and feature our signature one-handed push-click lid. Both durable and robust with 360-degree drinking, they’re perfect for hydration on the go.

What is my Reusable Water Bottle made from?

Reusable Water Bottles are made from 14 recycled single-use plastic bottles.

What Percentage of recycled material is in my Eco Friendly Water Bottle?

Circular Bottles are made from an industry-leading 92% recycled plastic.

How long will my Reusable Water Bottle last?

Our long-lasting Circular Bottles are designed for 10 years’ use.

What can I do with my Eco Friendly Water Bottle once I replace it?

After 10 years’ use, Circular Bottles are 100% recyclable, either through kerbside recycling (check locally) or our industry-leading takeback promise. “

Turning today’s waste into tomorrow’s products.

Reusable Water Bottles not only prevent new waste but actively regenerates existing plastic to stop it from harming our oceans and polluting the planet. That’s good for everyone!

Join us and help to shape the movement.

Our Eco Friendly Water Bottle has been designed to be lightweight, easy to use, and most importantly – sustainable. Made with at least 14 recycled PET bottles, Circular Reusable Bottle is a shining example of what we can do when products are designed with Circular Design in mind. 

Circular Reusable Water Bottle

Circular Reusable Water
Bottle Lid


Circular&Co. Reusable Water Bottle grey and orange

21oz Circular
Reusable Water Bottle


Circular Reusable Water Bottle

Circular Reusable Water
Bottle Base


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