Why choose the Returnable Circular Cup?

Most Sustainable:

  • Made from 100% recycled content*.
  • 100% recyclable at end of life.
  • Designed and built to last.

Most Cost Effective​:

  • Low cost to produce
  • Excellent durability​
  • Designed to last 500+ cycles.
  • Reliably produced at scale with a simple, controllable design.  Dual sourced.

Premium Coffee Experience:

  • Reduced wastage costs &  littering.
  • Durable, long lasting branding options.
  • Aesthetic appeal: Critical and often overlooked, to get high engagement and change behaviour.


  • QR and/or RFID enabled with complete flexibility of tags
  • Partners in place to deliver digital cup solution

  • What is a Returnable Cup System?

    The Returnable Circular Cup is designed to replace outdated single-use coffee cups. Just like the milk bottles of old, a returnable cup means single-use paper cups are replaced by a much more sustainable option. Your local café will serve your take away beverage in a reusable cup which can be returned and commercially washed, ready for another serving.

    At Circular&Co. we firmly believe in taking practical steps to make a real impact with Circular Design as the driving force. We believe in a circular world, where the products we use every day are designed to never reach landfill or pollute the environment. By creating tomorrow’s products from today’s waste, ensuring they last for as long as possible and are fully recyclable we can solve the three key environmental issues of our time; overconsumption, carbon emissions, and pollution.

  • Why does the world need a Returnable Cup System?

    94% of consumers are still not actively engaging with reusables, the direct ownership model has had limited success. Returnable is more ‘to hand’, convenient and in touch with consumer needs. If you don’t bring a cup, we have a reusable one for you.

    Yes, there are unmissable market trends, consumer shifts and environmental time pressures driving the transition from single use to reusables but the key driver is legislation.Across the globe governments have already or about to impose legislation seeking to ban or tax single use items including paper cups. Soon it will against the law or simply uneconomical to offer beverages in a single use solution.

After just 2 uses, the CO2 emission of the Returnable Circular Cup are offset versus a single-use alternative. This means that huge amounts of CO2 never reaches our atmosphere.

People in the UK get through at least 2.5 billion disposable cups each year. Switching to a returnable cup eliminates billions of cups from landfill.

Your new Returnable Circular Cup is designed to last over 500 wash cycles, which is 1.5 years of your daily coffee. The Returnable Circular cup is 100% recyclable up to 6 times, meaning no new material is required for 9 years.

Returnable Circular Cup Impact

Reusable Cup Scheme
Reusable Cup Scheme

A business serving 500 cups of coffee per day, 7 days a week would use 175,000 single use cups a year costing £21k and producing 10.658kg CO2e

Replacing this with 2,275 Returnable Circular Cups in year 1 at a cost of £2.5k, plus £350 per year washing costs,
£20k per year (compared to disposable cups)

Diverts 175,000 single use cups from landfill weighing 3.5 tonnes!


Single use cup cost £0.12     Returnable cup cost £1.10    Loss rate @ 1%/day
Washing 50 cups per cycle at 10p per cycle.  Assumes trading 50 weeks per year.  Weight of single-use cup and lid 20grams

Returnable Cup System

At Circular&Co. we’re supporting local communities, groups and businesses to make circularity accessible for everyone. We can help organisations create impactful ‘Returnable Cup Schemes’ where customers can loan a reusable cup for a small deposit, usually complete with their favourite beverage at a discounted rate. Once used, their cup can be returned and refunded or kept in exchange for the original deposit.

To ban single-use, organisations might opt for alternatives that cause more harm than good. Our Circular solutions are made from recycled paper cups, designed to last at least 5 years and 100% recyclable. We’re pioneering the Circular Design movement because we know it’s the sustainable solution to living within our planet’s limits; our mission is for everyone else to know it too.

Reusable Cup Scheme

Find out more about how our Returnable Circular Cup solution can integrate into your business.

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    Circular Returnable Scheme

    Reusable Cup Scheme

    The Lost Gardens of Heligan are one of Cornwall’s premier tourist destinations with over 3000 visitors a day – as you can imagine, that means a lot of tea and coffee! Circular&Co’s NOW Cup offered the perfect product for a reusable cup scheme where customers could return the cup at the end of their visit and redeem a deposit, or for them to keep their branded NOW Cup as a souvenir – the low price point encouraged easy adoption among visitors and helped spread information on the benefits of circularity.
    Click here to view our project breakdown.

    Love Topsham is a community group based in Devon that contacted Circular&Co. with the aim of fostering a reusable cup scheme. They aimed to reduce the 10,000 single-use cups estimated to be left behind each week in outdoor spaces. Coffee cup litter had become heightened by the covid crisis and increased visitors to the area with limited access to bins. With the support of partnering local businesses, the uptake of their Circular NOW Cups and subsequent waste reduction has been very positive.
    Click here for more information on the project.
    Reusable Cup Scheme
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