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Circular Coffee Cup, Travel Mug & Water Bottle Takeback Scheme

Together, we can extend the life of valuable resources and materials for as long as possible.

Let’s keep the circle going.

Help us grow the Circular Economy by using our Takeback Scheme

Our Circular Coffee Cups, Travel Mugs and Water Bottles are all designed for longevity. We provide support to repair them where we can but eventually, your products may need to be recycled as they reach the end of their life. To make sure we capture as many resources as possible we have developed our Takeback Scheme to give these materials their next lease of life.

All of our products are designed to go into your kerbside recycling, but these facilities differ greatly between countries and local authorities. Therefore the best way to ensure 100% recovery is through our Takeback promise. A company’s true legacy is the products they make and the journeys they take, which is why we firmly believe that if you create something you should be prepared to take it back.

Our Coffee Cups, Travel Mugs and Water Bottles are all designed for 10 years of use, as well as being 100% recyclable through kerbside pickup or our Takeback Scheme. We understand that products can’t last forever which is why we developed our Takeback Scheme, giving old products a new lease of life to be used to develop new products. Not to mention we provide a discount to anyone who sends their Circular&Co. product back as part of the scheme. Keep reading to learn how the Takeback Scheme works, or go to the Takeback Enquiry Form and contribute to a circular economy.

How does the Circular&Co. Takeback Scheme work?

Firstly, to try and capture as many of our products as possible (our legacy) we provide a 40% discount to anyone who sends their Circular&Co. product back. We used to offer this at 30% off but in order to accelerate the transition to a circular economy, we thought it was right to up the incentive a little. We hope this is the extra encouragement needed to get your old cup in the post!

Our Takeback Scheme is quick and easy, simply fill in the form below and post the product back to us. Once we’ve received your product, we’ll send your unique discount code which is redeemable off your next reusable purchase on our website.

If you’ve purchased a branded version of one of our products, you would receive a standard variation instead for your takeback replacement. This is because we don’t keep stock of branded products.

The final step is for you to rest easy, knowing you’ve contributed to extending the life of invaluable materials that the world needs to keep in use. In turn, this scheme reduces the chance of them ever polluting our rivers and oceans.

The future requires solutions. The Future is Circular. 

Please note: ECOPOTS are not included in our takeback scheme. As we act as a distributor we cannot guarantee replacement parts or the products recycling journey. For more help with ECOPOTS, please visit our Quick Answers.

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