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A Guide to Choosing the Perfect Reusable Cup for Your Lifestyle

Choosing the right reusable coffee cup is an important step towards adopting a sustainable lifestyle. It not only helps reduce single-use plastic waste but also lets you enjoy your favourite drinks on the go. Retaining their great taste and aroma while keeping them warm for longer, all without adding any extra effort to your daily routine.

In this guide, we’ll explore the things to consider that will help you find your perfect reusable coffee cup or travel mug. Whether you prefer hot or cold drinks, need something easy to travel with, or want to prioritise style and design, we have you covered.


Choosing the right material

To make sure you get the most from your cup, you need to know that it will complement your daily life down to a “T”. All of our reusable coffee cups are designed to be 100% leakproof and toss-in-the-bag-able, meaning you can bring your drink of choice with you wherever life leads you. 

Our coffee cups are made from recycled single-use coffee cups, while our travel mugs are made from 304 grade 90% post-consumer recycled stainless steel. Both are designed to last for 10 years and we choose our materials to be rugged and long-lasting. You might find for more demanding adventures, the stainless steel cup is less prone to visible wear if you need something that is going to endure serious wear and tear. Either way, after the 10 years of use we encourage you to return them as part of our Takeback Scheme, keeping the circle going.

For most of us, the recycled plastic used to make our reusable coffee cups is more than sturdy enough to cope with the everyday challenges (knocks, bumps and all) that come with the daily commute. 

Choosing the right size

One of the key factors to consider when choosing a reusable cup is its capacity: we offer both our coffee cups and travel mugs in small, medium and large size, so you don’t have to worry about carrying around a container that’s bigger than it needs to be for you to get your daily coffee fix. 

Conversely, if you take your tea with milk, sugar and ‘super-sized’ then you don’t have to skimp on your favourite drink for the sake of portability.   

Here’s a handy guide to help you choose the perfect cup size:

Small Cup (8oz): Ideal for espresso shots, small tea servings, or a Flat white. 

Medium Cup (12oz): Suitable for regular coffee servings, tea, or a smaller size of cold beverages.

Large Cup (16oz): Perfect for those who need a larger serving of coffee/tea or prefer more generous portions of iced drinks.

Remember: it’s always better to choose a cup with a slightly higher capacity if you’re unsure, as it allows room for customisation and prevents spills.

Regardless of what size you choose, all of our Circular cups have been designed to fit with most car cup holders and to be used in most coffee machines, while remaining slim and reducing unnecessary bulk. That means they are perfect for carrying in handbags and backpacks, and means that they remain practical for the morning commute and never feel like ‘one more thing to carry’. 

How long you need to keep liquids warm

One of the most important things to consider when choosing a travel mug or reusable coffee cup is how long you want to keep your drink warm. Both designs feature our trademark 360 Degree drinking technology, meaning you can take the flavours and aromas of your favourite drink with you wherever you go, but if you know it’s going to be a long time between pouring a brew and sitting down to drink it, then you may need to consider a travel mug over a reusable coffee cup. 

For commuting, the reusable coffee cup is perfect for keeping your drink at perfect temperature: our cups have been designed to keep heat in for 60-90 minutes, making it well-suited to most journeys. 

For travelling, camping or even longer-distance commutes, our travel mugs will keep your drink warm for six hours, so you can bring the warm, familiar feel of your go-to coffee order with you to more places than ever before. 

man holding backpack with black reusable cup in the side pocket

Style and design to suit your taste

Reusable cups come in a variety of styles and designs to suit your personal taste and aesthetic preferences. Circular&Co. offers a range of collections that are not only functional but look equally at home in the office, on outdoor expeditions or on holiday in exotic locales. 

A huge amount of time and thought goes into designing a Circular&Co. cup to make sure it’s convenient, durable and has looks you’re proud to show-off. All of these factors combined mean you get a cup that you’ll want to use again and again, making it a part of your daily life in a meaningful and practical way, all while reducing our reliance on single use plastic. 

Our cups are available in a range of colours, and if you really can’t choose on one set design, why not choose one of our bundles, so you can pick multiple colour variations, or even have a coffee cup and a travel mug set for the best of both worlds?

There’s so much more to a Circular&Co. cup than innovative design and a variety of colour options to choose from – every cup is made from recycled, single-use plastics, and is helping to reduce their environmental impact. 

See our full range of coffee cups, travel mugs and water bottles. Taking one step closer to embracing a sustainable and eco-friendly lifestyle.

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