Two Circular&Co. reusable water bottles placed on wooden decking between two people sitting down facing a lake.

Our New Reusable Water Bottle Is Designed For Circularity, But Can We All Find The Bottle To Go Circular?

22nd October 2021
Our New Reusable Water Bottle Is Designed For Circularity, But Can We All Find The Bottle To Go Circular? A New Kind of Reusable Water Bottle Reusables on the Rise It’s that age-old question isn’t…
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Let’s get plastic savvy – Living in harmony with plastic.

23rd August 2021
Let’s getplastic savvy. Let’s get plastic savvy – Living in harmony with plastic.  There’s no denying it; plastic-free campaigns are great. Yet, the pressure to drop plastic altogether can sometim…
Circular NOW Cup

2020 Year In Review

9th February 2021
2020 Header Year in Review Taking time for reflection, we glance back at our 2020 milestones and begin to look forward to the meaningful moments ahead. January As the …
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Green Weekend

26th November 2020
Aerial Forest Shot GreenWeekend Purchase with Purpose Over Our Green Weekend.   Our Circular&Co. Green Weekend offers a chance for us to support our community in giving back to nat…
Circular Christmas Brands

Circular Christmas Gift Guide

17th November 2020
Celebrating a Circular Christmas Together, with our friends at Good City Circle, we have created the Circular Christmas Gift Guide to celebrate our favourite brands who are offering fe…

5 Top Tips For Creating A Winter Wonderland Garden

29th October 2020
Winter can be a challenging time for gardening enthusiasts – with barren flower beds and frost-bitten lawns dulling even the busiest gardens. But, with a little bit of care and attention, the colde…

The Essential Guide To Reusable Coffee Cups

22nd October 2020
Reusable cups are commonplace in everyday life. In your cupboard, in your car, at your local cafe – these modern cups are a functional way to help the planet. As a key to reducing your eco-footprin…
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Circular Reusable Cup Review

7th October 2020
Circular Reusable Cup Reusable Review: Kirsty Thompson Better for The World and A Better Experience for You We recently stumbled across Kirsty’s carefully considered Circular Cup revie…
Blyth Ward - Kingston Hospital Circular Recycled Cups

Key Worker Reusable Cup Campaign

6th October 2020
                    Royal Cornwall  Hospital  Key Worker Reusable Cup Campaign They Say Drinking Tea Won Us the War Following the devastating outbreak of COVID-19, we decided that as a…
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6 Planters You Need To Create A Vibrant Garden

18th September 2020
Is your garden in need of a transformation? Just a few simple touches can turn even the dullest of spaces into a stunning oasis. Garden planters are the quickest way to add new wildlife and splashe…

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