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City to Sea Partnerships: A Returnable Future

22nd March 2023
Joining forces to pioneer a Returnable Future. Returnable Cup Pioneers We’re are delighted to announce a key partnership for Circular&Co. We believe wholeheartedly that the future is returnab…

Introducing the Circular Returnable Cup, driving the returnable packaging revolution.

8th February 2023
Introducing the Circular Returnable Cup Driving the Returnable Packaging Revolution. Pioneers of circular design for 20 years, Circular&Co. now launch the solution to the single-use problem; t…

Q&A With Foundation Coffee Roasters

9th December 2022
Time for a brew? Meet Foundation Coffee Roasters We recently sat down with Jack, founder at Foundation Coffee Roasters to delve a little deeper into the brand that’s delivering not only specialty c…

Circular Shopping Under £50 – A Festive Gift Guide.

25th October 2022
We’re Making Circular Shopping Easy This Christmas! At Circular&Co. we understand that shopping sustainably isn’t always easy, especially during the Christmas season when both time…

Valpak Interview: Packaging Legislation

10th August 2022
Insight: Packaging Regulations withValpak We sat down for a deep dive into current and upcoming UK packaging regulations with Valpak who provide UK-wide compliance solutions, waste management servi…

In conversation with Lemonaid

25th July 2022
We recently sat down with the inspiring people behind Lemonaid and ChariTea to learn a little more about their products, their story and the importance of ethics and purpose to their business. The…

Oxfam Goes Circular

6th July 2022
Oxfam Goes Circular! For many years Oxfam Shop has been leading the way toward sustainable, circular shopping, and we applaud them for it! By capturing the value, and the joy of second hand things,…

9 Ways to Reduce Your Packaging Use

24th June 2022
9 Ways to Reduce Your Daily Packaging Use These days it’s common knowledge that excess packaging is a bad thing. And you probably don’t need us to give you a list of reasons why. So instead, we’ve …
Overhead view of vast green deciduous forest.

10 Examples That Show What a Difference Small Changes Can Make

6th May 2022
10 Examples That Show What a Difference Small Changes Can Make. We Can All Be Difference Makers The 10 examples below really bring it home; we can all make a significant difference in this world. E…

Could ‘Returnables’ Be the Future of Coffee?

29th March 2022
Could ‘Returnables’ Be the Future of Coffee? Changing Coffee in a Changing World The world is falling out of love with single-use plastic. In fact, according to a global survey published just last …
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