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Circular Stories

Present wrapped in eco wrapping

Reusable Christmas Gift Ideas

6th December 2023
With Christmas fast approaching, it is a great time to think about whether what you are buying is really that eco-friendly. This guide will give you some ideas for gifts that are eco-friendly, sust…
people dragging netting off a beach

Waterhaul: A Circular Case Study

13th November 2023
Waterhaul “Transforming Plastic From Our Coastline Into Purposeful Products That Inspire Action. ” We’d love to hear the Waterhaul origin story, could you share the motivation …
woman holding returnable cup

Yallah Coffee: A Returnable Case Study

20th October 2023
Yallah Coffee Roasters A Circular Returnable Cup Case StudyWhat are the nuts and bolts of your Returnable Cup system, how does it work? For a £1 deposit, customers can borrow a Circular Retur…

20/20: A Circular Vision for 2043

8th September 2023
20/20: A Circular Vision for 2043 As we celebrate 20 years of Circular, we asked Dan, our founder, what’s important for him as we look toward the next 20.Twenty years ago, Dan founded Circular…

A 20 year Timeline

25th August 2023
20 Years of CircularTracking our journey from garden shed to Circular&Co. in 2023!2003: Where it all began, Dan founded the business in the garden shed. Fresh from the design studios o…

Branded Reusable Cup Case Study: The Tide Climbing Centre

4th July 2023
The Tide Circular Cup A branded reusable cup case study with the Tide Climbing Centre, a family-friendly, state of the art climbing gym based in North Cornwall. The Tide Climbing Centre has fast…

Brother Earth

9th June 2023
Brother Earth “Doing what the industry should’ve done a while ago. Making plastic-free bathrooms possible.” We’d love to hear the Brother Earth origin story, could you share th…

City to Sea Partnerships: A Returnable Future

22nd March 2023
Joining forces to pioneer a Returnable Future. Returnable Cup Pioneers We’re are delighted to announce a key partnership for Circular&Co. We believe wholeheartedly that the future is returnab…

Introducing the Circular Returnable Cup, driving the returnable packaging revolution.

8th February 2023
Introducing the Circular Returnable Cup Driving the Returnable Packaging Revolution. Pioneers of circular design for 20 years, Circular&Co. now launch the solution to the single-use problem…

Circular Shopping Under £80 – A Festive Gift Guide.

25th October 2022
Circular Eco Gift ChristmasWe’re Making Shopping For Sustainable, Circular Gifts Easy This Christmas! At Circular&Co. we understand that shopping sustainably isn’t always easy, es…