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Are you covered by our Two Year Guarantee?

Every Circulcar&Co. product is designed to last as long as possible.
We provide an automatic two-year guarantee as standard and then support in
any way we can to extend the life of your product outside of that period.

Before contacting us:
Step 1 – Please first check below to see if your fault is covered by the guarantee.
Step 2 – If it is not covered we do offer very low-cost replacement parts to keep your products working for as long as possible. We also offer a repair service.

If your product is not a reusable cup or bottle please contact our support team.

Below are the specific faults covered by the Circular Cup guarantee.
Please keep in mind that a guarantee seeks to repair or replace components or the whole
cup as a result of a manufacturing defect rather than misuse or a dropped cup, etc.

Issues covered:

1. Your cup arrives with clear molding defects, imperfections or scratches.
2. Liquid becomes trapped between the inner and out layer of the main base, this will be due to the
weld between the two failing.
3. The open/shut mechanism has stopped moving up or down. Please note that if when your mechanism
is in the up and shut position you can hear a rattle inside the lid this isn’t deemed a manufacturing failure
and therefore does not come under the guarantee. This fault can only occur through a sudden impact
or drop.
4. Your cup arrives with seals missing so when in it’s shut position and the lid screwed on tightly the cup

Issues not covered:

1. Lost seals
2. Cracks to any part of the cup moulding – this can only occur if dropped or misused
3. Leaking due to seals being dislodged through aggressive washing or misplaced when being put back
into their housing.
4. The top push-button is lose or wobbly – the top button is designed to have a wobble to aid drinking.
5. Leaking due to seals becoming dirty and not sealing properly.
6. The plunger has snapped – this can only be down to misuse.

If your fault does not come under the guarantee you can still keep your cup working by purchasing replacement parts. We offer very low-cost replacement parts here at cost price to extend the life of your cup.

You can also take advantage of our recycling takeback scheme that provides a 40% discount off a new cup or replacement part when you return your old one back to us.

We recycle any returned cup or part back onto a new Circular Cup. Please click here to find out more.

If you are sure your fault falls under the guarantee then please fill in the returns form below.

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