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Circular Design, the key to a sustainable future.

What is Circular Design?

Circular Design has the power to save the world, but what is it and why is it so powerful? We’ve created an animation to explain just that. We created this with great care, as a tool to educate and support, smoothing the transition to a Circular Future. We are on a mission to make Circular Design the new standard, because a circular world is an endless one.

Put simply, there are three core principals of Circular Design.

1. Made from Recycled Content, this means you must design products using recycled materials as key inputs.

2. Make things that last, meaning you design for durability and repairability.

3. Design to be 100% recycled, this means recycled easily, in our real world recycling infrastructure.

Circular products dramatically reduced carbon emissions, eliminate pollution and massively reduce pressure on natural habitats.

We hope this animation will spread far and wide, supporting education and awareness about the power of circular design, and of course the wider circular economy. Show your friends, show your family, show you students, let’s spread the knowledge and the power of Circular Design, the key to a sustainable future.