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20 Years of Circular

Tracking our journey from garden shed to Circular&Co. in 2023!

2003: Where it all began, Dan founded the business in the garden shed. Fresh from the design studios of Dyson, he began with the ambition to break the linear system of make, use, and dispose. Instead, taking responsibility for manufacture, using recycled content, to create beautiful and long-lasting products, which can then be fully recycled at the end of their lifespan.

The first office in the shed, not quite the era of fax machines, but yes, that is a chequebook you see on the desk.

2005: One of the first product success stories for the business a stainless steel tide clock, connecting people to the movements of the tides.

2008: In 2008, the time came to move from the shed to a proper production unit and office space, this next step was The Old Station Unit in Perranporth, ashortwalk from the sea.

2009: Success came thick and fast then, with the first major order from John Lewis in 2009, everyone was roped in to help prep and pack, including Mum in the conservatory! And Dad on the table saw doing plant labels, health and safety as a top priority.

2010: saw the brother’s Dicker getting suited and booted, collecting two Green Business Awards, Home and Gift, and Best of British. These were the first of many sustainable awards won by the business over the years

2012: By the time 2012 came around, the ashortwalk range had grown and was proudly featured in many retailers across the UK. Circularity was key, and we were offering a take-back scheme for plant pots, closing the circle on the product range made from recycled plant pots.

2014: Another big step toward growth and expansion came in 2014, when we took up residence in our current home next to the coast path on Cligga Head, just up the hill from Perranporth.

2017: saw us partner with another brilliant circular brand Ecopots, when we became their exclusive distributor in the UK. These products are loved by many and we took quite a huge order when we got started with them!

2018: Things got really exciting in 2018. The rCUP was launched to huge success, lots of press coverage, and a profoundly important product for the business. The rCUP is the original Circular Coffee Cup, and it the talisman for everything the company has achieved since then. Our original hero product.

Upon its launch the rCUP was named Which? Best Buy for reusable coffee cups.

2019: The following year, 2019, the rCUP was named no.6 in the Which Best Buy top 50 products for 2019.

2019: A major move for the business, we rebranded to Circular&Co. setting in stone our commitment to Circular Design and driving the movement towards a circular economy.

2019: In order to support a greater movement away from single-use and a more accessible reusable coffee cup, we launched the Circular NOW cup.

2020: Dan and the team began partnering with large global corporations because we knew the scale they offered could bring serious Circular impact.

2020: The Circular Water bottle hit the shelves in 2020. This was a truly groundbreaking product, a water bottle made from 92% recycled plastic, and fully recyclable at the end of life. This product was a true champion of Circular Design.

2021: Dan worked with McDonalds to create a circular supply chain within their business. 2021 we provided a reusable cup for the first Returnable Cup scheme trail. We also delivered a project which took their Happy Meal plastic toys and transformed them into the plastic used to make the kids playground at McDonalds Restaurants. These projects earned us their Innovation Award for 2021

2021: Starbucks saw the potential of our Circular Cup and began a lasting and fruitful relationship with Circular&Co. A partnership led by the Starbucks Circular Cup, which is sold in Starbucks cafes across the UK, Europe and the Middle East.

2021: Circular&Co. worked with Tim Hortons to offer a reusable, returnable cup in select Toronto locations. This trial went on to be the foundation for multiple returnable and reusable options in Tim Hortons cafes in Canada.

2021: saw the Circular Cup gain its first Indy Best Buy Award

2021: Circular&Co. winners of the Marie Claire Sustainability Awards, for Best Progress towards Circularity

2021: Leaders of the world gathered in St. Ives, for the G7 summit, all with a Circular Cup in hand.

2022: In 2022, the Circular team worked closely with waste collection organisations and beach clean charities to produce the Beach Waste Circular Cup, this was such a hit that we sold out of the initial limited edition and brought it into our core product range. There is now a clear economic supply chain for beach waste!

2023: Enter the next stage of eliminating single-use: The Circular Returnable Cup. Launched in 2023, the Returnable Cup is the future of take-out hot drinks, and we are proud to be driving the Returnable Revolution!

2023: We launch another world-first circular product with Starbucks, rolling out the Coffee Waste NOW cup across Europe and Asia