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Introducing the Circular Returnable Cup

Driving the Returnable Packaging Revolution.

Pioneers of circular design for 20 years, Circular&Co. now launch the solution to the single-use problem; the Circular Returnable cup, designed specifically to meet the demands of the hot drinks industry.  


Single-use coffee cups are soon to be driven out of use, whether through legislation, climate, and consumer pressures. This means very soon 95% of the population who are still using single-use cups will need a workable cost-effective, hassle-free solution. Circular&Co. have taken on this challenge and are leading the way towards a sustainable, ‘returnable’ future. This new ‘Returnable’ category is a reusable item of food or drink packaging that is designed to be returned to a business for re-use, eliminating the need for single-use packaging.  

The Genius Behind The Circular Returnable Cup

The Circular Returnable Cup has been uniquely and specifically designed to meet the urgent global need for returnable packaging solutions. After 2 years of development, and 12 months of field testing in a variety of returnable cup pilot projects, Circular&Co. present the first truly Circular Returnable Cup designed specifically for commercial use. The design and innovation team have considered each detail of the cup’s journey from the bottom up, from drying time and stack-ability, to what a barista needs for the perfect latte pour, to the user’s drinking experience. 


Patent pending heat-diffusing ribs around the surface of the cup ensure a comfortable hold without the need for a wasteful, unsustainable extra sleeve. The anti-pooling surface designed into the base of the cups means that water will run off quickly, speeding up drying time. The cups’ profile has been engineered to ensure neat and compact stacking, supporting the space demands of a busy café. This profile also ensures the smooth removal of a cup from the stack, as a sticky stack of cups means added time to beverage preparation.   


The Circular Returnable Cup can be transformed into a SMART cup, with various tracking capabilities through embedded NFC/RFID or laser-marking unique QR codes. The cup is technology agnostic and can work within any digital stock management or tracking system. Circular&Co. work with a range of global partners, in order to deliver app and web-based technology alongside back-end logistic and infrastructure solutions to deliver Returnable Cup schemes. Working with our partners, we are involved in a range of successful Returnable schemes, gaining insight and helping the industry to understand the mechanisms of running a wide variety of Returnable schemes.


Circular&Co. are on a mission to make Circular Design the new standard as it is the key to a sustainable future. For a returnable to be truly sustainable it has to be made from recycled content, designed for longevity and ‘real world’ recycling. The Circular Returnable cup is launching in North America and Asia, made from 100% post-consumer recycled PP.  This will follow in the EU & UK upon regulatory approval, due in Q4 2023. The cup is highly durable, and designed to last a minimum of 500 commercial wash cycles. It is tough and ready for whatever you can throw at it. Backed up by 100% recyclability through current local infrastructure, the Circular Returnable Cup is the answer to sustainable coffee on the go 


“To really instigate change the industry needs future-facing, commercially savvy SMART-enabled returnable packaging. We, as does the whole industry, recognise the need for collaboration across all sectors to deliver a scalable transition but we firmly believe it starts with the hardware. It is critical the hardware is fit for purpose, scalable, with a resilient supply chain and truly sustainable, and if a product isn’t circular then it’s not sustainable.” – Dan Dicker, founder of Circular&Co.


The Circular Returnable Cup is on sale now and available from March. For commercial pricing, advice, and digital and logistical partnership support please contact our Returnables team.   

Returnables Contact:   


Made from waste, to end waste.   


For the last 20 years, Dan and the team have been exploring the very best way to effect climate change, while making world-class products. Through trial and error, learning, listening, collaborating, and just old-fashioned hard work we unequivocally know Circular Design has the power to save the world. We believe that a world where Circular Design is the new standard, is an endless world. Circular&Co. are actively working with organizations, from large multinationals to local café’s to build circularity into their business models. Having helped global corporations take practical, impactful steps in their daily operations to help achieve their sustainable goals.

For more information on our returnable cup, take a look here.

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