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Beautiful pot! Love its recycled!

I love these a fantastic use of recycled plastic and they look fabulous – NOTHS

ECOPOTS Plant Pots.

Elegant, timeless designs combining form with function and eco-innovation. Handcrafted from recycled plastics and natural stone, ECOPOTS are UV proof, shock-proof, and frost resistant. Designed for indoor and outdoor use, update your living space with our classic collection of ECOPOTS. 

With a 10-year lifespan, each pot is designed with durability in mind and afterwards, ECOPOTS are recyclable. Nothing lost, nothing wasted.

Sustainable Flowerpots & Planters

With an award-wining design, ECOPOTS provide an innovative solution that makes flower pots and planters friendly for both you and the planet. Create a green space, using an eco-friendly pot from a brand that cares about making a difference.

The Next Generation Of Garden Pots

ECOPOTS utilise the latest in product technology to deliver a sustainable answer to garden and home design. Using an innovative drainage system that seamlessly blends into the structure of each pot, ECOPOTS provide a no-nonsense solution for the modern homeowner.

Transform Your Home With Stylish Indoor Plant Pots

Sleek and sophisticated, ECOPOTS are the next generation of indoor planters. Create a statement in your home with contemporary, Scandinavian designs that have a unique handmade finish. Designed to make the most of even the smallest spaces, these indoor planters are perfect for narrow shelves, ledges and more.

Create a Garden Oasis With Outdoor Plant Pots

Utilise clean lines and straight shapes to create an outdoor aesthetic that will stand out. Perfect for herbs, flowers and shrubs, these outdoor planters will help you build vibrant green spaces in your garden. UV proof, break-proof, frost resistant and designed with a unique composite material that insulates your plant roots – ECOPOTS are manufactured to help wildlife flourish in even the most challenging outdoor conditions.

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