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The simplest, most convenient & cost-effective way to implement a returnable cup solution.

The world’s first return system without deposit & without user apps. This system is specifically optimised for convenience for both the end user and the operator.

The tap&reuse system is totally free for the end user; charges only apply if the hardware item (cup or other) is not returned. It is compatible with all bank cards, Apple Pay, and Google Pay.

Which option works for you?

tap and reuse cup smartphone
1. Smartphone Edition

A low-cost solution that is quick and easy to
implement in any setting using a Smartphone.

  • Designed for low to medium volume settings
  • Simple to deploy, affordable hardware
  • No need for hardware installation

Suitable for…

Cafes, Universities & Corporate Buildings

tap and reuse cup magic counter
2. Magic Counter Edition

Optimised to deliver fast, hassle-free borrowing
for the barista and consumer.

  • Designed for medium to high volume settings
  • Enables fast, multi-serve environments
  • Ability to scan out multiple items simultaneously

Suitable for…

Stadiums & Arenas, Quick Service Restaurants and Coffee Chains.

Option 1. Smartphone Edition

How does tap&reuse work with the Smartphone Edition?

  • Scan out cups using the handheld device without needing to install any hardware.

What hardware is required for the Smartphone Edition?

  • Scan out: Dedicated Smartphone
  • Scan in: Handheld Scanner (or Smartphone)

Option 2. Magic Counter Edition

How does tap&reuse work with the Magic Counter Edition?

  • Scan out multiple cups in seconds using the Magic Counter, which is installed out of sight under the serving area.

What hardware is required for the Magic Counter Edition?

  • Scan out: hidden Magic Counter
  • Scan in: RFID antenna

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