Reusable Coffee Cups

Start your circular journey with the best sustainable coffee cups, keeping your coffee cravings down along with reducing single-use plastics. We have a range of mix-and-match colours available for you to style, along with 8oz and 12oz capacities.

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Awarded Best Overall Coffee Cup by The Independent

“We named the Circular&Co reusable coffee cup our best buy before, and we’re doing it again. Even after testing many different travel coffee mugs, it’s still our favourite.”
Indy Best Buy 2022

Hear it from our Customers

  • “Best coffee cup I’ve found. I’ve bought another one already and they’re the only ones I use. Super reliable, easy to use and easy to clean. Totally fine in the dishwasher and never once leaked.”

  • “I bought this to replace a stainless steel cup. I love the fact it’s made from recycled materials and is fully recyclable. The company seems to be wanting to make a change and I applaud that.”

  • “Had this for over 2 years now and I’ve just bought another one and a smaller for my son! It is by far the best leakproof cup ever!! Have it in the car, in my bag, no accidents, highly recommend it!”

  • I have had several cups but none like this! This is safe and easy to use and very nice to look at. It’s the most practical cup and is 100% leak proof. It’s easy to clean as well. Great quality & value for money!!

  • Looks great, is made from recycled materials and doesn’t spill. Great for in the car as can drink from anywhere on the cup and don’t have to struggle to find the opening.

Our Sustainable Design

When we realised 99.6% of cups were going to landfill rather than being recycled, we began work on a solution.

Sustainable coffee cup design was the solution and now is at the heart of Circular&Co, with sustainability at the forefront of our minds to create a better future, without waste. Our sustainable coffee cups are built to last and are enjoyable to drink, making them the perfect reusable coffee cup for everyone and the future.

By choosing our reusable coffee cup, you’re not only doing your part to reduce single-use plastics, but also making a conscious decision for a greener future.

Recycled Coffee Cup Materials

The Circular&Co Cup isn’t perfect, but legally no one can produce 100% recycled coffee cups due to materials not being approved by food safety standards. With that in mind, we know that is not good enough and working hard on a solution to produce the 1st 100% recycled reusable coffee cup.

Leakproof & BPA-Free Coffee Cups

Sustainability and a healthy lifestyle go hand in hand, this is why our reusable coffee cups offer both leakproof and BPA-free coffee cups.

Why is BPA-Free important?

BPA-Free is very important because it means your coffee cup is free of any harmful chemicals which are found in the plastic product. BPA has been linked to major health concerns such as cancer, reproductive problems and developmental disorders, making it even more important to use not only cups but products that are BPA Free.

Travel the World Sustainably with Circular&Co’s Reusable Coffee Cups

As coffee lovers ourselves, its important we have a hot cup of coffee when we’re on the go, that’s why we made our coffee cups leakproof, compact and able to keep our drink warm for anywhere between 60-90 minutes allowing you to have time to drink up before your coffee cools down. It doesn’t stop there, we have a range of mix-and-match colours for you to choose from, with also different sizes to suit quench your coffee cravings.

Coffee on the go!

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