Circular&Co. Cup Spare Lid

Circular Cups have a unique push lid mechanism: in the pushed down position it is open which enables you to enjoy 360-degree drinking with the full coffee aroma. When the button is raised, the lid is then closed and combined with the aligned seals, your Circular Cup is 100% leak proof. The contents will stay warm for 60-90 minutes, ideal for drinking on the go. Each cup is designed for 10 years use so to diversify your product over its lifespan, you can now purchase lids individually to refresh your reusable.

In true circular style, if you believe your current lid is faulty, we are happy to investigate this. Otherwise, if you are simply looking to update your Circular Cup and are unsure how to dispose of the old parts correctly, please use our takeback scheme and allow us to take care of the recycling for you.


Product Specifications
Weight2 kg

Cosmic Black, Giggle Pink, Honest Green, Electric Mustard, Faraway Blue

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