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Reusable Coffee Cup


Circular Returnable Cups


100% recyclable coffee cup

Pretty. Rubbish.

Circular Returnable Cups are the future

RIP Single-use

Circular Design are the future

A sustainable future

Made From Waste, To End Waste.

Sustainable drinkware, made from recycled materials.

Reusable Cup

Recycled Paper Cups
12oz (340ml)


Travel Mug

Recycled Stainless Steel
8oz (227ml)


You & Me Bundle

Reusable Paper Cups
2 x 12oz (340ml)


Travel Mug

Recycled Stainless Steel
16oz (455ml)


100% Leakproof and Lockable

The best, most sustainable reusable is the one you actually use.

Reusable, recycled coffee cups

Easy one-handed
swift-Click™ open/close

Insulated layers
keep your drink hot

Designed to last for at
least 10 years. Fully
recyclable at end of life

The World’s first cup
made from recycled
paper cups

Drink from any angle
like a normal mug
One handed opening

Easy one-handed swift-click™ open / close

360 degree drinking angle

Drink from any angle like a normal mug

Reusable recycled coffee cup
Recycled cup

The World’s first cup made from recycled paper cups


Insulated layers keep your drink hot

The best just got better

The all new lockable Circular lid. Bringing a new level of innovation to the one you know and love. Now featuring our patent-pending trust-lock™ lid.

Let’s take real steps towards a sustainable future

By using waste materials to make our coffee cups and water bottles which are then fully recyclable, we can reuse the same materials over and over, closing the circle.

Our Impact

2.5 million

Circular Cups sold since 2018.


of waste diverted from landfill and into the Circular Economy, directly from the making of Circular Cups (6 paper cups used to make each Circular Cup).

15.5 million

Single-use paper cups removed from the waste stream and repurposed.

32 Countries

We’ve helped bring Circular Design to 32 different countries, including; The Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, France, Poland, Switzerland, Greece, Spain, Sweden, Norway, Italy, Ireland, USA, Canada, Japan, Dubai, Australia and New Zealand.
The Takeback Promise

Cups made from cups and bottles made from bottles

Circular design is at the heart of everything we do. You can keep the circle going by sending us your Circular&Co. coffee cups and water bottles when they reach the end of their lifespan, and get a 40% discount off its replacement as part of our Takeback Scheme.
Return your cup, use your cup

Commercially viable solutions exist and are ready to go

Making positive change is not solely our responsibility as individuals, with businesses also able to make a massive difference to everyday sustainability. The Circular Returnable cup is the most advanced, sustainable and cost-effective solution on the market.

What they say

Circular Design, the key to a sustainable future

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