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6 Planters You Need To Create A Vibrant Garden

Is your garden in need of a transformation? Just a few simple touches can turn even the dullest of spaces into a stunning oasis. Garden planters are the quickest way to add new wildlife and splashes of colour – and, with a sleek design, the planter itself can even become a focal feature of your outdoor space. 

Take a look at some of our most recommended planter designs, and how they can help turn your garden into a vibrant space today!


Six Must-Have Planters To Transform Your Garden

Ecopots Rotterdam

Cool, timeless and built with a robust design, the Ecopots Rotterdam gives your garden a natural look. With sleek lines and a straight shape, the Rotterdam is perfect for both inner-city gardens or a more spacious suburbia. Make a design statement in your garden today.


Ecopots Bruges Balcony

Ideal for small spaces, the rectangular design of the Ecopots Bruges Balcony planter makes it perfect for growing herbs and small, delicate plants. The slim outline of the Bruges Balcony planter means it can be incorporated into most garden designs and layouts with ease. Shop yours online now.


Ecopots Amsterdam Wall

Combining innovation with sustainability, the Ecopots Amsterdam Wall planter is perfect for sprucing up any outdoor wall. Built with an easy suspension system, the planter can easily attach to a flat surface, making it to transform even the most tired of spaces. Fill the planter with succulents, cacti, herbs, flowers and shrubs to create a unique green space high above the ground!


Ecopots Frankfurt

A circular, stylish and robust choice, the Ecopots Frankfurt benefits from a low, round design that helps you grow a multitude of herbs, and shrubs.  UV-proof and frost-resistant, the Frankfurt pot can survive even the harshest conditions outdoors. Shop online today


Ecopots Amsterdam Wheels Pot

Designed with larger plants in mind, the Ecopots Amsterdam Wheels Pot enables you to easily position and move your plant – perfect for regularly changing your environment or maintaining a healthy plant! Crafted from recycled plastic, the Ecopots Amsterdam Wheels Pot is the ideal sustainable choice for you and the environment.


Ecopots Hanging Brussels

The Ecopots Hanging Brussels is a stunning hanging pot design that allows you to create an elevated green space within your garden. Ideal for hanging small plants and herbs, the hanging Brussels pot is ideal to layer some colour into your garden, or create a statement feature piece that will stand out. Order yours online today.


Shop Our Full Range Of Ecopots Today

At Circular & Co, we’re proud to stock a wide range of Ecopots to transform your garden. Ecopots are the only mass-market flowerpots and planters created with a quality handmade finish. With each pot containing up to 80% recycled plastic and 20% recycled natural stone, Ecopots are the sustainable choice for gardeners around the world and, with a lifespan of over 10-years, your pot is guaranteed to stand the test of time outdoors. Shop our full range of Ecopots and sustainable planters, today.