ECOPOTS Rotterdam


  • Rotterdam – cool, timeless classic for indoor and outdoor use.
  • Crafted from recycled plastic.
  • Suitable for home & garden.
  • Circular&Co. are the sole UK distributor of ECOPOTS.

The ECOPOTS Rotterdam is like the city itself: sleek lines, straight shapes and a cool and robust design. The Rotterdam collection is a no-nonsense design statement for every home or garden. Made from recycled plastic with a characteristic natural look. Whether you use them for herbs, flowers or small shrubs, the Rotterdam collection is designed to suit them all.

Available in Black, Grey & White in the following sizes:
Size: W (top) 14.2cm (base) x L 20cm (top) 14.2cm (base) x H 17.5cm | 5.2 Litres
Size: W 30cm (top) 21.60cm (base) x L 30cm 21.60cm (base) x H 26cm | 17 Litres
Size: W 40cm (top) 28.4cm (base) x L 40cm (top) x 28.4cm (base) H 35cm | 37.6 Litres
Size: W 50cm (top) 35.3cm (base) x L 50cm (top) 35.3cm (base) x H 44cm | 75 Litres

ECOPOTS Rotterdam is a series of flowerpots and planters which also contains the Rotterdam High and a collection of matching saucers.



  • ECOPOTS are the only mass-market flowerpots and planters with a handmade finish.
  • The Scandinavian designs combine form and function.
  • Each pot contains up to 80% recycled plastics and 20% recycled natural stone.
  • They are UV proof, break-proof and frost resistant.
  • Each flower pot has a lifespan of over 10 years and are completely recyclable.
  • The unique composite material provides insulation to the plant roots.
  • Most pots also include a plug, making them suitable for indoor and outdoor use.

Please click here to see what saucers are compatible for your chosen ECOPOTS.

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