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5 Ways to Eradicate Single-Use Products Using Circular Design

5 Ways to Eradicate Single-Life Products Using Circular DesignTime to Eradicate Single-Life Products for Good!You heard it here first! YOLO should not apply to products! No product on this great green earth of ours should ever have to utter the phrase YOLO and believe it to be true! It’s time...

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What Are Single-Life Products and Why Are They an Issue?

Dark grey industrial rubbish bins lined up side by side with red brick wall behind them.
Single-Life Products and Why Are They becoming an Issue?Disposable Gets a New NameWe reckon if you can’t turn a product into something new once you’re done with it, or prolong its life if it breaks, it ought to be considered disposable.If you use a product 1000 times before throwing it...

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