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Who Are We?

We are Circular&Co, makers of the Circular Cup (formerly rCUP) who believe that nothing is truly recycled until it is reused.

We are an award-winning circular design practice perched on the north coast of Cornwall in the UK, a short walk from the sea.

We don’t believe in waste. And in 2003 we started designing and making products differently.


Our mission is to make apparently useless materials, destined for landfill, into genuinely useful, sustainable and well-designed products.

This is called ‘closed loop’ design which drives the development of the circular economy.

Our mission to create useful, sustainable solutions is at the heart of all the products we make, such as house signs from recycled plant pots from recycled milk bottles. Circular Cup is our latest circular design solution.

For us, waste materials are both a challenge and an opportunity, not just to talk about a more sustainable future, but to shape one.

As well as producing our collection, we collaborate with global retail brands and recycling firms who want to turn their waste into useful new products.


Meet the makers

Welcome to Circular&Co. – the organisation on a mission to inspire and educate everyone about Circular Design. 

We’re a group of changemakers spearheaded by our founder Dan Dicker. We design and develop award-winning products which enable everyone to welcome circularity into their everyday lives.

To stop waste from harming our oceans and polluting the planet, we’re giving single-use a second chance. We extend the life of waste materials by using them to create our products, which we design to last as long as possible. At the end of their lives, our products are recyclable so that the cycle can continue.

We firmly believe that if it’s not designed for circularity, it’s not sustainable. With the help of our community, we’re changing tomorrow together. 

Circular&Co Logo

Dan Dicker, managing director and founder

Dan founded Circular&Co. in 2003 after a successful career at Dyson. During his time in the industry, he’d become increasingly frustrated with the way waste materials weren’t being utilised and began pioneering the concept of Circular Design. 

For almost 20 years, Dan has regarded circularity as the tangible, scalable and sustainable solution to righting our global wrongs. Today he advocates Circular Design worldwide, advising leading brands and consulting for international governments. 

Whether Dan’s spearheading circularity for global brands or talking to the next generation in a school, he is committed to shaping the future of Circular Design.

Langham Product

Simon Langham, product development

Simon is a product innovator and strategist with more than twenty years of industry experience. During that time he has successfully delivered groundbreaking, better products into new and existing categories and markets – often faced with challenging time, cost and specification requirements. Simon spent more than 16 years in senior roles in Dyson and Joseph Joseph developing and launching many new products across global markets.

Ed Kosior, Nextek

Edwin is a photonics specialist with over 50 years’ extensive experience in the application of remote analysis of polymers (Raman). With his help the polymer that forms the shell of the rCUP and Circular Cup has been made possible.

Jonathan Mitchell, Nextek

Jonathan is a project engineer specialising in polymer engineering and polymer composites, with considerable experience in the development of polymer materials. His skill in material analysis and process improvement has proved invaluable when it comes to developing the original rCUP and the Circular Cup.

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