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House Signs made from recycled content.

Our bespoke Circular&Co. House Sign collection includes a range of designs which are handcrafted in the UK from recycled plastic plant pots. This unique material is tough and durable, providing a crisp finish. Each Circular&Co. House Sign is UV protected to withstand the elements, arrives with a lifetime guarantee and is fully recyclable at the end of its life.


House Signs


£15.00 – £29.00

Triple Digit 

£24.00 – £29.00

House Nameplate
Triple Line

£95.00 – £130.00

House Name

£60.00 – £70.00

House Sign
Double Line

£70.00 – £80.00

Single House


Personalised House Signs & Plaques 

Make your house a home. Our personalised House Signs and plaques can make your cosy abode stand out on the street, or bring some quirkiness to your outer walls. Available with multiple finishes and fonts, you can get a personalised sign that reflects your home’s character, today.

House Signs Made From Recycled Plastics for a Circular Life

At Circular&Co. everything we do is with a sustainable future in mind. Our aim is to to help people live a plastic-free life, starting from the moment they set foot on the doorstep. Our House Signs are made using recycled plastics – removing the need to dig up or waste natural resources that are traditionally used for signage, like slate. Get a sleek, durable and sustainable alternative to conventional signage solutions.


Add the Finishing Touch to Your Home

Complete your home with a bespoke House Sign. Whether you live in a house, flat or countryside cottage, Circular&Co. House Signs are the perfect addition to your living space. With a huge collection of signs including house numbers, names, addresses and a combination of all, across single, double and triple line layouts, you can be guaranteed to get a bespoke sign that compliments your home perfectly.


Durable & UV Protected Signs for Your Home 

Our house plaques are designed to withstand the elements. Made with high quality manufacturing processes and handcrafted in the UK, we use recycled plastic plant pots to create a unique material for our House Signs. This gives our plaques the benefit of being tough, durable and UV protected, making them perfect for use all-year-round. Order with standard or hidden fixings to securely fasten to your wall, and enjoy your sign that was made to last, and built to be reborn.

Design Your Bespoke House Sign Today 

Dispatched within 10 working days, our UK made House Signs are the perfect solution with a quick turnaround to deliver sleek, modern signage faster. Find a sign that matches your aesthetic and get started today. Shop our full range online today.


Complete Your Home With Eco-Friendly Products

Enhance your environment with our full range of eco-friendly home products. Live a reduced waste life with our sustainable solutions including ECOPOTS indoor and outdoor planters, tide clocks and reusable coffee cups.

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