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ECOPOTS Rectangular Saucer

NB: Ecopots and saucers stock are limited and will not be restocked for 2024. There may be some pots whose matching saucers are no longer available. Stock numbers are live and accurate.

  • Rectangular Saucer.
  • Crafted from recycled plastic.
  • Suitable for home & garden.
  • Circular&Co. are the sole UK distributor of ECOPOTS.

The Bruges Balcony is a sustainable planter, perfect for housing small flowers, plants and herbs. Ideal for narrow spaces such as windowsills, shelves and ledges, watch your seeds grow with pride in our slim Bruges Balcony ECOPOTS.

Shop the Bruges Balcony here.


Product Details

Available in Black, Grey, & White-Grey in the following sizes:

L 47cm x W 19.5cm x H 2.5cm
L 57cm x W 19.5cm x H 2.5cm
L 67.5xm x W22.5cm x H 2.5cm

For a full breakdown of product dimensions, please click here.

We offer a collection of saucers to go with rectangular troughs and pots including the beautiful Bruges Balcony pots.

Rectangular Saucer (length 47cm) fits: Bruges Balcony 45cm Pot
Rectangular Saucer (length 57cm) fits: Bruges Balcony 55cm Pot
Rectangular Saucer (length 67.5cm) fits: Bruges Balcony 65cm Pot


  • ECOPOTS are the only mass-market flowerpots and planters with a handmade finish.
  • The Scandinavian designs combine form and function.
  • Each pot contains up to 80% recycled plastics and 20% recycled natural stone.
  • They are UV proof, break-proof and frost resistant.
  • Each flower pot has a lifespan of over 10 years and are completely recyclable.
  • The unique composite material provides insulation to the plant roots.
  • Most pots also include a plug, making them suitable for indoor and outdoor use.
Product Specifications

Grey, Black, White Grey


47cm (D) x 19.5cm (W) x 2.5cm (H), 57cm (D) x 19.5cm (W) x 2.5cm (H), 67.5cm (D) x 22.5cm (W) x 2.5cm (H)