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Circular&Co’s Essential Guide For Reusable Coffee Cups

Reusable coffee cups are commonplace in everyday life. In your cupboard, in your car, at your local cafe – these modern cups are a functional way to help the planet. As a key to reducing your eco-footprint, reusable coffee cups are a simple (and inexpensive) change you can implement in your life immediately. But just what is a reusable coffee cup, and why are they so useful? Find out in our reusable coffee cup guide.

What Is A Reusable Coffee Cup?

Reusable coffee cups are an eco-friendly alternative to disposable cups. Made from sustainable materials, these cups provide a robust drinking container that can be used endlessly. At home, at work, on-the-go, reusable coffee cups eliminate the need for disposable drinks packaging. Tried and tested, reusable coffee cups are designed to be safely reused over and over again – becoming an essential accessory in every household.

What Are Reusable Coffee Cups Made From?

Reusable cups are made from a variety of materials including recycled plastic, stainless steel and bamboo. At Circular&Co, our Circular Cup is the world’s first reusable cup made from single-use paper cups. After 10 years use your cup can be returned to be recycled into another Circular Cup, allowing the eco-friendly cycle to continue. Learn more about our takeback scheme and how we are doing our bit for the planet.

Why Should You Use A Reusable Coffee Cup?

Protecting the environment is more important now than ever, and there’s a huge push for sustainable solutions to our daily lives. A reusable coffee cup cuts down your carbon footprint and provides an environmentally-friendly solution to disposable drinks packaging.

Not only are you helping the planet, but you’re also helping your pocket. One purchase of a reusable cup will provide you with years of use, allowing you to quickly earn your investment back. With many baristas offering incentives to reusable coffee cup owners, you could make back the cost of your cup in just a few drinks. The Circular NOW Cup is a great option for those cafe coffees.

Most reusable coffee cups are designed to be insulated, keeping your drinks warmer for longer – allowing you to enjoy a hot cup of your favourite brew on the go without compromising on drinking experience. Get a steaming hot cup of tea long after you’ve left home, or savour the chance to indulge in a weekend snooze and still be greeted with aromas of your favourite coffee when you wake. All you have to do is get yourself one of our reusable coffee cups.

Are Reusable Coffee Cups Secure?

Reusable coffee cups are made to be used on the go – making them indispensable in our daily lives. As a result, they’re designed to be completely trusted and secure. The Circular Cup is 100% leakproof, with a simple push lid mechanism that eliminates spills and offers one-hand opening.

How to Keep Your Reusable Coffee Cup Clean

It is very important to maintain a good standard of cleanliness for your reusable coffee cup. That’s why we have designed our cups to be dishwasher friendly, ensuring you can keep your cup sparkly clean for many uses to come.

8oz & 12oz Reusable Travels Cups 

Don’t compromise on your favourite coffee. Enjoy the same coffee sizes that you’re used to in your local barista, with a regular 8oz cup or a larger 12oz option – perfect for getting your ideal caffeine fix! Shop 8oz and 12oz cups now.

Find Out More About Our Circular Cup

The Future is Circular. Find out more about our Circular Cup and sustainable home solutions, here, or get in touch with our team today.