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Circular Resuable Review





Better for The World and A Better Experience for You

We recently stumbled across Kirsty’s carefully considered Circular Cup review, featured on the Great Design Blog, and loved this authentic account of our reusable coffee cups. It’s an honour to receive a reusable cup review from the 4th-year Product Design Engineering student! Both realistic and relatable, read on to get the verdict.

“I came across Circular&Co. around a year ago. I was tired of buying new reusable cups just to have them leak in my bag (even though it promised it was leakproof), having to take the lid off to get the last bit of tea out and just looking plain ugly. It was time for a change. That’s when I found Circular Cup (although it was called rCup at the time). Design by Circular&Co, a company based in Cornwall and led by former Dyson designer and inventor, Dan Dicker. The Circular Cup is the world’s first reusable cup made from single use paper cups. Not only that, it has a feature unlike any other reusable cup I’ve seen.

Circular Reusable Cup Pouring

Take standard reusable coffee cups (even single use paper cups in this case), it’s a completely different experience from drinking out of a mug. There’s a wee tiny hole on the edge of the lid to drink out of, no space for your nose while drinking and you can’t smell what is inside. Why do we have to compromise all this just because we are on the go?

Thanks to Circular Cup we don’t.

Circular Cup has a 360° drinking feature, so you don’t have to look for that pesky hole to drink from. Despite being more convenient, the 360° drinking feature allows you to enjoy the full aroma of the coffee or tea which you are drinking. This enhances the taste and allows you to experience its full flavour. Just like drinking out of a mug!


Other features include 100% leakproof, insulated (hot or cold over 90 minutes) and easy cleaning due to being able to prise of the push button and snap it back on.

Now you might be thinking “what push button?”. Well, since Circular Cup doesn’t have a tiny drinking hole, you don’t need to flip or slide a cover to drink from it. Instead there is a push button on top to open the 360° feature. This makes it a lot easier to open with one hand!

Now back to being the “World’s first reusable cup made from single use paper cups”. Each Circular Cup is made up of a mixture of single use paper cups (40%) and polypropylene (PP 60%). This means less single use cups are in landfill polluting our planet.


Circular Leak Proof Reusable Coffee Cup

It has also been designed with its end of life in mind. It is 100% recyclable. You can put it in your local plastic recycling or send it back to Circular&Co to make it into new cups. Not to mention that broken or worn components can be swapped out for new parts, less waste and makes your cup last longer.

Conclusion: Yes, Circular Cup is sustainable and makes use of a waste material (better for the world) but I think the real “great” thing about this cup is the experience it provides (better experience for you). Why hadn’t someone thought of this before?” 

So, there we have it – an honest account of the Circular Cup experience. We hope you enjoyed Kirsty’s review! If you’d like to provide us with product feedback, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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