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Sustainable by Nature

The very reason we began in the first place – and why we continue to design products the way we do today – is so that we could contribute towards a better future for our planet.

That is our truth, and it sits at the heart of every decision we take.

We know that today’s choices shape tomorrow’s future, and we know that everything we do has an impact, so as a business we aim to represent our values in all we do.

Beyond these intentions, knowing that our products help nurture positive action in others, and shine a light on the type of world we’re working towards, is hugely rewarding. And hugely powerful.

Because, in the end, only people and their choices will really make a difference.


Sustainability is Responsibility

To us, being responsible and being sustainable are one and the same.

If we look after our people, our home, our suppliers and our customers, then relations and systems are productive and positive: they’re sustained.

And if we look after the materials and resources available to us through creative, considered use and great design; through valuable products built to last that are easy to recycle at end of life, then the planet too is better sustained.

Our Promise

Looking after all that we can, as best we can, is our promise.

Customer Promise


Take Back Scheme

A Better Cup for a Better Future

Circular Cup isn’t perfect. It’s not yet legally possible to manufacture any reusable coffee cup from 100% recycled materials, due to food safety standards.

But we know that’s not good enough. So, with everything we learnt from rCUP we are working hard on a solution and hope to announce the world’s first 100% recycled reusable in the near future.


Bringing Manufacture Home

Because we first launched rCUP in the UK and Australia, it made sense for us to manufacture in China. China had the recycling power we needed to make our dream a reality. In 2020 we are proud to be bringing production to the UK, (more specifically close to our base in Cornwall).

This helps regionalise our production and stimulate the local economy. We will continue to manufacture Circular Cup in China for those stockists who are geographically closer, and all manufacturing decisions will be taken based on market geography and with minimum impact front of mind.


Reducing Our Footprint

Naturally, when we manufacture Circular Cup in the UK our carbon footprint will be greatly reduced, and it is the key reason behind the decision.

What we do know though, is that even including the transport of the product, Circular Cups footprint is neutralised after 22 uses* (versus single use). That many uses is likely to be achieved within 6 weeks, which is fantastic for a product designed to last for 10 years.

UK manufacture though will improve that figure greatly, which is even better. We’ll let you know the carbon footprint of that when we’ve worked it out!

* Source: Exeter University.


The amount of material used for Circular Cup’s packaging has been kept to a minimum on purpose. The outer wrap and two leaflets are printed on 100% recycled stocks, and our outer cartons are all made from Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) cardboard.

Circular Cup uses minimal, recycled packaging

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