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Celebrating World Circular Week!

It is our driving belief that Circular Design is the key to a sustainable future.

Every year the world comes together to share knowledge, celebrate success, and bring energy and renewed commitment to Circularity, the Circular Economy, and all it encompasses. This week we have gathered the many strands of the Circular industry together, bringing insight and knowledge from across the community. 

  • Circular Voices
    Monday 3rd October – Friday 7th October

    An interview series, bringing together voices from across the Circular Design and Economy spectrum. Each day this week, watch as we sit down for an in-depth discussion with a key player in Circularity. We gain insight and a unique perspective on the many parts of the loop, from the recycling industry itself to circular fashion, circular agriculture, and more. Piecing together these viewpoints and experiences of circularity is a key step in creating collaboration and bringing success to our Circular Mission.

  • Film Screening
    Thursday 6th October

    We are delighted to be hosting the UK premiere of the new feature-length documentary Going Circular. From the producers of the Academy Award-winning documentary My Octopus Teacher comes a film about our collective future on earth. We will be holding a private screening in Falmouth, Cornwall, alongside a guest-listed virtual screening on the 6th of October.

    “Dare to imagine a future where humankind not only survives, but flourishes, by rethinking global paradigms, respecting the limits of our planetary resources, and transforming the modern world. Going Circular unlocks the secrets to an innovative concept called Circularity — a system of economics and design that eliminates waste and saves the planet’s resources.”

  • Beach Waste Cup
    Launching Friday 7th October

    Headlining our week of Circular Celebrations is the launch of our Limited Edition Beach Waste Circular Cup. Developed over the course of this year we have created a version of our signature Circular Cup, made using plastic waste collected from the shores of Cornwall. Discarded fishing nets, and lost, forgotten plastics gather on Cornish beaches persistently. This waste material is a valuable polymer, which we have shown to be usable in new products. 50% of the outer sleeve is made from beach waste plastic. Furthermore, 50% of the sales of these cups will be donated to Ghostnet Busters, a local Cornish grassroots community group who organise beach cleans across Cornwall. 

  • C&Co. Spotlight
    Monday 3rd October – Sunday 9th October

    We have been working at the coalface of Circular Design for 20 years or more now, and in our time we have come across some passionate, and really impressive applications of circular approaches to business and projects. We will be spotlighting a selection of these projects across our social media over the course of World Circular Week. Follow our socials to join the circular conversation!

Courtney Holm

Founder, A.BCH Circular Fashion

Courtney Holm is the founder of A.BCH, a Melbourne-based circular fashion label transforming the way people buy, wear, and discard clothing. With an eagle eye for design as a catalyst for the fashion circular economy, Courtney continually challenges the traditions of the industry by taking a scientific approach to design and garment lifecycles. Courtney’s areas of expertise are in communication, whole systems thinking and biophilic design for longevity. A global educator, she is a leader in conversations within her local industry where she dedicates herself to working collaboratively to achieve a better future for this world.

Andrew Weiler

Commercial Manager, Kib Herbal Tea

Meet Andrew Weiler, Commercial Manager of Kib Herbal Tea and Director of Business Operations at The Perennial Foods Group. Andrew is passionate about helping farmers and providing nutritious, sustainable food to people worldwide. He’s led Kib from an idea in 2018 to launch in late 2020.

Matt Hulland

Resource Recovery Manager, Exeter City Council

Meet Matt Hulland, Resource Recovery Manager for Exeter City Council and Project Partner at Odyssey Innovation Ltd. Matt is passionate about collaboration and finding innovative circular economy solutions for waste materials that engage and drive messaging into the community. He is a keen environmentalist and plays an active role on our peninsula to help communities, groups, and individuals in their goals towards a cleaner coastline.

Tom Meades

Co-Founder & Designer, Circular Design

Meet Tom Meades. A future-thinking sustainable and circular designer, most recently featured by BBC news as a Green Entrepreneur. Tom started Gomi Design as a solution to prove that ‘non-recyclable’ waste streams can be desirable through strategic product design. Inventor of the world’s first Bluetooth Speaker and Portable Charger made from waste materials.

A documentary film about the critical role Circularity plays in the very future of our planet. Hosted by Circular&Co., this is the first time this new film will be shown to a UK audience. We are offering limited virtual tickets to our core community of decision makers and key players, those who can leverage circularity for a sustainable future.

World Circular Week

Another environmental milestone for the Circular Cup.

This week we are proud to be able to launch our Beach Waste Circular Cup: Our signature reusable coffee cup, now with the external sleeve made from 50% beach waste plastic.

The beach waste material used in the manufacture of this cup has been collected from across the coastline of Cornwall, during numerous beach cleans coordinated Matt Hulland, Resource Recovery Manager at Exeter City Council, alongside Odyssey Innovation; tireless champions of our coastal health and wildlife. The material is then processed into the sleeve of our Circular Cup, 100% manufactured in our factory in Cornwall.

Discarded or lost fishing tackle, along with fishing rope and all the other flotsam that gathers along our stunning Cornish coastline, if recovered and processed properly, can in fact be a valuable plastic resource. We are really pleased to be able to use this Beach Waste Cup as a showcase for what can be achieved when resource recovery, partnership and some trial and error, is applied.

Complete with our award-winning Circular Cup design, 360-degree drinking, and leakproof lid, this is a reusable cup to love and cherish. And dare we say, the perfect gift for an on-the-go environmentalist. 

50% of the sale of every Beach Waste Circular Cup will be donated to Ghostnetbusters ALDFG Recovery, a Cornish community group running year-round recovery programmes for abandoned, lost, or otherwise discarded fishing gear.