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The Young Inventor

Follow the journey of inquisitive young Dan, a budding inventor wanting to make a positive difference to the world! After spotting a global problem amounting right outside his bedroom window, Dan is determined to create a solution. ‘Everyone must have run out of mugs!’ he concurs. With the help of his beloved grandfather, they set about on their mission to create the ultimate reusable cup. By combining Dan’s creativity and his grandfathers’ value for belongings, they create a series of unique prototypes, sometimes causing more harm than good. Just like the components from each failed attempt, we see how the coming together of the two generations creates something quite magical – an ethos that will stand the test of time.

Founded in 2003, Circular&Co. was born out of Dan’s curiosity and determination to make things better. From garden shed to global brand, today Dan shares his experience through expert talks, industry conferences and as a consultant for global brands. 

Behind the scenes

Film Credits

Written by: Lewis Carter
Cinematography and editing by: Kristian Kane
Assistant Camera: Thomas James
On set Photographer: Paul John Roberts
BTS Videography: Joe Griffiths
Composer: Tom Kavanagh