• Stilts – Elevate your ECOPOTS Amsterdam or Rotterdam!
  • Crafted from recycled plastic.
  • Suitable for home & garden.
  • Circular&Co. are the sole UK distributor of ECOPOTS.

Usable in two ways for different heights. Available in three heights (20, 30 and 40). Made from high quality black stainless steel. Suitable for indoor and outdoor use.

The ECOPOTS On Stilts 20 is compatible with the Amsterdam 20 and the Rotterdam 20.
The ECOPOTS On Stilts 30 is compatible with the Amsterdam 30, the Venice 30 and the Rotterdam 30.
The ECOPOTS On Stilts 40 is compatible with Amsterdam 30, Venice 30, Rotterdam 30, Amsterdam Mid High 50 and Rotterdam Mid High 50

Available in Black:

Size: L 22cm x W 22cm x H 22cm
Size: L 33cm x W 33cm x H 33cm
Size: L 33cm x W 33cm x H 40cm 

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