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Nothing is recycled until it has been reused.

We need to be savvy about words. Recyclable, sustainable, compostable… They sound great. So full of possibility and hope. When you think about it, everything is ‘recyclable’ in theory. But with the infrastructures we have and the climate we’re in, we don’t live in theory.

Biodegradable products sound like simple solutions. We wish they weren’t too good to be true, but sadly they are. They’re disposable. Part of a linear process that takes valuable raw materials and makes them into products and packaging we use once, with limited access to the required conditions in which they need to decompose.

This kind of greenwashing can trick us into thinking products are more  environmentally responsible than they are. This can only set us back. 

We prefer to think of materials as ever-evolving stories. What was your cup  before it was a cup? And before that? What will it be next? 

We have a rule. Everything we make must be designed to last as long as possible, and be 100% recyclable at the end of its life. We don’t always succeed at first, but we continue to invest in research and development. This allows us to deliver truly useful, sustainable products, with usability and longevity at the forefront of design. As Circular&Co. continues to grow, we commit to continuing our mission to develop new and innovative, circular solutions.

Nothing is recycled until it has been reused.

The Future is Circular.

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