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Love Topsham

Love Topsham, a group of volunteers committed to keeping Topsham vibrant and inspiring community spirit, approached us at Circular&Co. with a collaboration opportunity. The idea was to work together to reduce the amount of single-use cups in the area. At the height of summer, an estimated 10,000 disposable cups a week were being used, with many discarded in public places. The single-use coffee cup litter became heightened by the covid crisis and subsequent increase in visitors. Realising that coffee cups were responsible for a large amount of the town’s consumer waste, Love Topsham looked to action a community-wide cup scheme to help tackle the issue.

Available in shops, cafes, and restaurants, Love Topsham have retailed 300 Circular NOW Cups through a broad range of outlets in the local area. The uptake of Circular reusable cups has been very positive. Paul Berman from the Love Topsham team confirms the “initiative is worth doing in itself to reduce visible waste, and to save on resources, but it may also inspire people to become more environmentally aware.” A worthwhile goal that we hope to support and see continue across communities.

“It is not easy to change people’s habits, but with more education, more publicity and commitment to this being a long haul, we hope to bring about a change in the attitude of residents and especially visitors to the town.”

– Paul Berman, Love Topsham

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