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Part 2

“It’s time for us all to buy less but buy better!”

Following part 1 of our catch up with Anna Brightman, Co-Founder of pioneering natural skincare brand UpCircle, explore part 2 of our interview here. You’ll learn about the innovative ingredients used in their collection, some exciting product updates and a few words of encouragement for brands and customers looking to join the Circular Revolution!

5. Besides coffee granules what other ingredients do you currently upcycle?

The UK produced 23,000 tonnes of fruit stone waste in 2012 alone, so we knew something had to be done there too. We’ve now released our “fruit stone range”, within which each product is made with the powder of a different discarded fruit stone. For example, our Face Mask is made with olive stones that are left over after making olive oil!
The olive powder acts as a powerful anti-inflammatory and a source of antioxidants. Antioxidants fight cell degradation, which can, in turn, help to prevent the signs of ageing. It also has soothing and strengthening properties. The presence of the powder in our face mask formulation helps to create its gorgeous texture. It has a light, mousse-like consistency and the powder helps with the ease with which it can be spread across the skin.


6. How would you encourage more brands to solve problems with their products?

I would firstly say that you should never assume that other brands don’t face their own issues. When browsing a slick website or a beautiful Instagram feed it’s easy to assume that a brand has had an easy ride – but I think all brands face their own hurdles as they grow – particularly if they are innovative. I can assure you that we have faced many, many hurdles on our journey!
I think you should never view a product as “finished”. It should constantly evolve and respond to the latest innovations. Perhaps there’s a new lid, or ink that’s more eco-friendly – be willing to upgrade and improve your product time and time again.

7. Can you disclose any exciting news, or new product developments?

We are focusing a lot on new product development and have 6 products set to launch this year. These include a body moisturiser, a hand cream and a toner. For each of the new products we are working with brand new repurposed ingredients, so we’re really excited.
We’ve recently finished sending out pamper parcels to NHS staff – the response was incredible, we had over 1,000 signups within the first hour of announcing! We’re all doing a lot of hand washing at the moment, so… Next, we are releasing a limited-edition Hand Wash!


8. Finally, if you could encourage people reading this article to join the circular movement and shop sustainably, what would you say to inspire them? 

It’s time for us all to buy less but buy better! There are some incredible brands out there, all you need to do is look. If you’d like some inspo check out the likes of Rubies in the Rubble, Nibs Etc. Toast Ale, Elvis & Cresse, Retrospecced, By Rotation, the list goes on!


For more circular beauty products and inspiration, visit UpCircle to find out more.