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Purchase with Purpose Over Our Green Weekend.  

Our Circular&Co. Green Weekend offers a chance for us to support our community in giving back to nature through the power of positive purchasing. For every order placed from Friday 27th – Sunday 29th November 2020, we will plant a native tree on your behalf in the Tweedsmuir Hills of Scotland. Covering 1832ha of rolling hills and towering 800m above sea level, One Tree Planted and their partners will plant mixed broadleaved woodland species to restore lost and degraded habitats. 

But Why Trees?  

When our Founder & MD Dan launched ashortwalk Ltd. in 2003, the name was chosen as a constant reminder to stay close to the things that matter. Being a short walk from nature offers a nurturing place to grow. A daily commitment to slowing down, listening and making connections and logical steps. Since then, our future has demanded us to become bigger and bolder as Circular&Co, but our heritage is a daily reminder of what matters most; our relationships with people and the environment we live in as well as our contribution to both. 

We know that circular design is the solution to solving our global waste crisis because we have seen it reverse waste and pollution exponentially. The principle works like nature, regenerating used things into new things. Over and over again. Nothing lost, nothing wasted. 

After pioneering the circular design movement for over 17 years, we know that it’s a journey to create convenient circular lifestyles. Sadly linear alternatives are currently more widely available and therefore this is our opportunity to support our community in offsetting this as we transition. Until we can convince the industry leaders and governments to get on board and make circularity accessible throughout our daily lives, we recognise that nature still needs us and we’re here to help. 

We are redesigning the way things are made and it’s exciting – it might just protect the planet. 

By utilising the resources that we already have, circular design prevents what is otherwise regarded as ‘waste’ from ever contaminating our oceans and landscapes. We offer these materials a new lease of life as genuinely useful products, which are designed to last and be recycled at the end of their long life – allowing this cycle to continue again and again. 

The future requires solutions – The Future is Circular. 

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