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We’re Making Circular Shopping Easy This Christmas!

At Circular&Co. we understand that shopping sustainably isn’t always easy, especially during the Christmas season when both time and budget can quickly interfere with even the best intentions. So this year, we’ve done the time consuming part for you by carefully selecting some of the most innovative Circular brands on the scene as well as our personal favourite gift ideas! The best part about this years selection is that these products won’t break the bank either, with prices ranging from as low as £10 to £50 top end.

Make 2022 a year for gifting sustainably, affordably and most of all thoughtfully. 



Sleek, stylish, and made from plastic waste! It’s no secret that we love the ethos behind the Gomi brand, they are completely Circular by nature and their range of products are designed to be infinitely repaired to last a lifetime.

Based in Brighton, UK Gomi are passionate about turning valueless waste into long-living circular products people will love for generations. 

We love: The Gomi Wireless Mag Charger

Why: Not only do we love the look and finish of this charger, but it’s also handmade from 100% recycled plastic deemed non-recyclable by councils in the UK. The tech ticks our boxes too with 15W fast charging – up to twice as fast as regular lightning cable charging, compatibility with all wireless-charging-enabled devices including Apple and Android, not to mention Worldwide shipping.

Price: £35 with Free UK delivery


The affordable and sustainable alternative to buying endless toys! We love this brands wholesome and crucial message: Ownership is overrated. Whirli has created a subscription service so you can save money and in turn help save the planet and divert unwanted toys from landfill.

A 2021 study showed that 26% of Christmas toys are neglected by the end of January. Whirli are determined to transform toy consumption by swapping instead of shopping. Built on a circular model, they have created a shared library of toys that parents and children can borrow and return whenever they want.

We love: The Whirli Subscription Gift Card

Why: This is the perfect Pre-Christmas gift for any parent. The concept is simple: The gift card entitles you to tokens to spend on toys on the Whirli website, once you receive your toys, you have unlimited time with them and can even choose to keep these forever if they are a hit with the little ones. Unwanted toys can be sent back at any time, and they’ll credit your account. With over 1000 toys to choose from, including the latest must-haves!

Price: £10+



Trakke has gained worldwide recognition for its simple, timeless canvas bag designs, but it’s the team’s efforts toward sustainability that has really caught our eye! Handmade in Scotland and crafted with British-made materials and recycled steel, Trakke bags are guaranteed for life; so you can worry about what lies ahead, not what’s on your back.

The brand have also launched a ‘Buyback Programme’. A scheme that allows you to return any Trakke bag that isn’t getting the love it deserves, and the team will restore it and send it out on a new journey! By taking part in this programme you will receive 30% off your next order.

We love: The Zero Waste Sling

Why: Part of the ‘Past Tents’ Collection in partnership with Vango, this vibrant and stylish sling is made from Tents and built for adventure. Inside, there’s enough space for everyday accessories – phones, wallet, cables, and a handy key ring for securing the essentials. A perfect swap for the climate-conscious festivalgoer!

Price: £35

Rapanui Clothing

Rapanui is on a lifelong mission to make clothing sustainable, and we are here for it. Their products are made from natural materials, using renewable energy, and everything they make is designed from the start to be sent back when it is worn out.

Instead of producing in bulk, they have introduced a new type of production process where orders are produced in real-time, one at a time, in the seconds after they are ordered – so there’s no waste!

We love: The Recycled Organic Beanie

Why: Made from recycled organic cotton, this cozy grey beanie hat is soft, natural, and circular by design.

Price: £22


Nomad Eyewear

From ocean waste to seriously sustainable shades! Founders Idana & Tom were inspired to create Nomad Eyewear after witnessing the volume of ocean plastic pollution whilst on a family trip to Cape Verde. They have since been determined to create the world’s most eco-friendly sunglasses, all while removing tonnes of plastic from the ocean.

Nomad Eyewear work with one of the largest global supply chains that collect plastic from oceans and coastlines surrounding Thailand, Indonesia, and the Philippines. 100% ocean-bound plastic is then recycled, and injection molded into their collection of beautiful sunglasses.

We love: The Sunset Chaser Sunglasses

Why: These sunglasses let you take a splash of sunshine with you everywhere you go! They are finished with frosty white matte frames and provide polarised 100% UVA/B protection. Made from 100% recycled ocean plastic – Nomad plants 5 trees for each order and ships in plastic-free packaging.

Price: £43.95

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