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The Tide Circular Cup

A branded reusable cup case study with the Tide Climbing Centre, a family-friendly, state of the art climbing gym based in North Cornwall.

The Tide Climbing Centre has fast become the largest indoor climbing centre in the county. We were stoked when the Tide team reached out to us to create a bespoke Circular Cup design. We loved that they wanted to offer their customer base something that both reflected their sustainability values and met the functional needs of a gym environment 

“We are big on sustainability and are always looking for opportunities to collaborate with local suppliers that share our values. We came across Circular&Co. and instantly fell in love, with not only their cups but their outlook and sustainable ethos! We felt this was perfect for our brand and for the climbing community. Circular&Co. were so easy to work with and provided us with exactly what we needed, we were able to have a custom design on our cups and they even created personalised cups so we could give one to each of our team.”

With the Tide team’s passion for sustainability in mind, a key buying point for this project was that they didn’t want items produced from hard plastics that are difficult to recycle once they reach the end of their life. They informed us that they had found that reusable plastic cups were often breaking, difficult to drink from and weren’t great at keeping hot drinks warm. The team also specified that they wanted a reusable that would fit their brand aesthetic and look appealing.  

Tide’s primary goals for the cup:  Sustainability, Functionality, Design 

Why Tide choose Circular&Co. 

“We came across Circular&Co as they’re local to us and loved the fact that they produced cups made from old single-use cups. The idea of reusing and recycling fits perfectly with our values. We also loved the design of their cups, the circular cup was perfect for our climbers, as it meant you can take a hot beverage out climbing with you, without the risk of it spilling or the drink going cold. Plus, they’re easy to open and drink from, which helps when you’re carrying climbing equipment. They also offered a personalised option which was exactly what we wanted to create our own branded cup for our customers!” 

How Tide Used Their Circular Cups 

The Tide Cup is available for purchase from the onsite café which caters to climbers, family, and friends. The space also lends itself to remote workers and professionals and serves locally sourced coffee along with a range of freshly cooked meals.  

“We love selling our cups to customers as a sustainable alternative to single-use cups! It’s even better seeing them come in time and time again with their Tide cup to fill up with our locally sourced coffee! We love taking them on our outdoor days too, as it’s a great way to take a hot drink with you whilst showing off our brand to other climbers. Anyone that buys a reusable cup from us gets a free hot drink, also our customers receive a discount on drinks whenever they bring their reusable cup.”

The Results 

After working closely with the team to determine their needs and creating print samples for approval, the final design was a success – A 12oz Circular Cup with a full print wrap. Here’s what the team have found since introducing the cup to their customers: 

“The cup has been fantastic for us and our customers, it has so many unique selling points from what it’s made from, it has a long life, it’s fully recyclable, dishwasher safe, BPA and melamine free – the list goes on! They really have been the perfect product for us and our customers. Circular&Co were so easy to work with and we would highly recommend them to anyone who’s either looking for a branded cup for themselves or looking for a sustainable option for their company.” 

About The Tide Climbing Centre

The Tide Climbing Centre launched in 2019 when co-directors (now husband and wife) Sam and Sophie saw the need for a start of the art climbing centre in North Cornwall! As passionate climbers themselves and with a background in business, they felt this was the perfect opportunity to start their own. The aim was to not only provide a dedicated climbing resource but to ensure the business was as sustainable as possible. The whole site is wind-powered, uses locally sourced food products and all clothing is sustainably produced within 20 miles of the site. 

Tide has introduced incentives such as offering visitors free tea as a reward for travelling as sustainably as possible. They are passionate about finding ethical alternatives and solutions to improve sustainability and inspire the wider community to make responsible choices that benefit the environment. This was the key driver in looking to source a branded reusable to offer visitors.  

Find out more about the team at The Tide Climbing Centre here: www.tideclimbing.com  


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