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A short walk (from the sea).

When Dan left his job as a Dyson inventor in 2003, his parents were  concerned. Then he moved to a remote part of Cornwall and launched a  design company from his garden shed, which didn’t really reassure them. 

But Dan had a gut feeling. Not quite a vision, but nearly. He just needed  some space to figure things out. 
Dan called his business ashortwalk. A reminder to stay close to the things  that matter.  

Being a short walk from the sea means a nurturing place to grow. It’s a daily  commitment to slowing down, listening, making connections and taking  logical steps.  Now we’re bigger and bolder. Our future demands it. Now we’re  Circular&Co. but we’ll always be just a short walk from the sea.  

It’s about making sure we remember, every day, what matters most: our  relationships with people and the environment we live in, and our  contribution to both. 

187 Million single use cups saved from our waste streams later, and this much we know: The linear model doesn’t work; The Future is Circular 

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