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A short walk (from the sea).

We were founded in a garden shed in 2003 by ex Dyson designer and product inventor Dan Dicker. After a successful career in landlocked Wiltshire, Dan followed his desire to move to the coast and live just a short walk from the sea.

Dan had become disheartened with how the industry wasn’t utilising waste materials and spotted an opportunity to do things differently. Circularity wasn’t an established concept then, but Dan was about to tap into an ethos now regarded as a solution to our planet’s waste.

The plan was to extend the life of waste materials and use them to create products that last as long as possible. At the end of their lives, these products are recyclable so that the cycle can continue.

Since then, Dan and his team have moved out of the garden shed, and their award-winning products are available across the globe. Today Circular advise, develop, and deliver product solutions for leading brands worldwide, reinventing today’s waste for tomorrow’s products.

Following 17 years as ashortwalk, the rebrand to Circular&Co. in the summer of 2020 signifies our ongoing commitment to inspiring and educating everyone about Circular Design and why we must all welcome circularity into our everyday lives.

We’re Changing Tomorrow Together.