The Circular Journey

Join us each month on The Circular Journey as we invite members of our community to quiz our Founder & Circular Design Guru, Dan Dicker. In each episode, we will playfully explore various areas of circularity and sustainability. From saving the world one coffee cup at a time to the future of buying, we invite you to follow us on our mission to make Circular Design accessible for everyone. Best enjoyed while sipping from a Circular Cup, sit back and enjoy our comical, unpredictable, and educational podcasts, created to break down the barriers around adopting a Circular lifestyle.

Episode List

My Nan interviews Dan – Episode 1

Tune in to Episode 1 of The Circular Journey, which features Dans amusing and heart-warming encounter with our resident Nan. Together, they dive into the basics of Circular Design, reflect on the similar values of past generations and touch on how his family feels about him ‘not having a proper job.’ In an unmissable first ep, you’ll gain an understanding of the foundations of circularity through a comical and thought-provoking exchange between Nan and Dan. Check out My Nan Interviews Dan on all major streaming platforms now! https://anchor.fm/circularco