Oxfam Goes Circular!

For many years Oxfam Shop has been leading the way toward sustainable, circular shopping, and we applaud them for it! By capturing the value, and the joy of second hand things, Oxfam are taking big steps towards the circular economy. For us at Circular&Co. designing products for circularity is our driving mission and it’s how we approach every new product development. As such, Oxfam is a natural fit for our range of circular designed products, and we are thrilled to announce they have added our Eco House Signs to the range.

Sustainable House Signs made from recycled content

  in association with

Oxfam have been committed to providing quality sustainable choices for their customers and our Circular Cup has been a firm travel cup favorite within their home range. Our cups are made from recycled materials, designed to last over 10 years, and are fully recyclable in curbside recycling. We are committed to circular design principles.

Our Eco House Signs, in collaboration with Sourced by Oxfam, offer a fully circular option for your sustainable house signage. Made from recycled plant pots, these signs take a waste product and turn it into a beautiful, extremely long lasting product for your home. This unique material is tough and durable, providing a crisp finish. Each Circular&Co. House Sign is UV protected to withstand the elements. Your new sign has a lifetime guarantee but is fully recyclable if you ever change the name of your house. Best of all, for every number or sign ordered, 30% of your payment will be donated to support Oxfam in their mission to beat poverty forever.

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Sustainable House Signs made from recycled content

Handmade with care in Cornwall

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